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As I talked about my first two reasons for living off the grid in part one of this series, I have decided to carry on with the series and list a few more reasons that someone, today, would want to live off the grid. 

Most of my readers know, by now, that I have lived off the grid in Texas County for close to eight years now. So over the course of that time I have had the opportunity to meet many others in the area and surrounding areas who live similar to me. As off-grid mind set usually goes, I try and surround myself with those of like mind. There is a healthy population of good folks that are living off the grid, back to a homesteading lifestyle here in Texas County and surrounding counties. We all have different reasons in our forefront for living this way, but we all have a lot more other reasons in common.

Another reason someone would want to live this way is because of the constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life. Food prices are on the rise right now and there is no surprise that there are even food shortages taking place and more forecast. It has gotten nearly impossible to feed your family on one income, let alone two. So to offset that, one would naturally understand that if they were to grow, raise, hunt, fish and wild forage for most of their food, they could feed themselves and their family better – and healthier too! That takes land. So moving off the grid surely comes into mind. Although not required to produce your own food, it does make it cheaper when you don’t have to pay all those utility bills.

Which brings us to another reason: Money has lost its value and it’s getting worse. A dollar, let alone a hand full of dollars, just cannot get you much of anything now. So if there is one way to cut spending where it does not really matter, think of utility bills. The fact is, for most people, grid tied power, grid-tied running water, Internet, cable and satellite TV are luxuries that are not necessary to live. If that is so, then cutting all those bills could allow you a lot more money. So as it gets more expensive to live on the grid and in the cities, off the grid will always be as cheap as you make it. Even off the grid folks can have luxury, if they want it. 

But as food prices are rising and set to rise even more with no end in sight, it would be smart to do something to offset food prices and probably other living expenses. We live in a changing world, an uncertain future lies ahead and you owe it to your loved ones and yourself to be able to survive what may lie ahead in humanities path to challenge us.

Texas County resident Merlyn Seeley (a.k.a. Spirit Walker) is a natural living expert, herbalist, Cherokee medicine man and author of numerous books. His blog address is


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