The Houston Police Department recently handled several investigations. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Houston Police Department:

•Jennifer D. Hendrix, 28, of 103 Redbud Drive in Houston, and Robert D. Hendrix, 55, of 12882 Bethlehem Road at Licking, were each issued citations for first-degree trespassing after attempting to repossess a van from a woman at a South Oak Crest residence in Houston.

Jennifer Hendrix told an investigating officer the woman had bought the van from her but not paid for it. The woman allegedly wouldn’t give up the keys and told the two to leave her property.

The officer explained to the pair that they couldn’t repossess the vehicle at that location since the woman had told them they weren’t allowed on her property.

•Amy L. Dunkin, 35, of 17359 Oakwood Road at Houston, was cited for first-degree trespassing after allegedly entering Walmart on July 15. She had been banned from all Walmart properties after an incident in May.

•Corey R. Crumm, 33, of 9215 Highway 17 at Bucyrus, was arrested July 23 for having an active City of Houston warrant for failure to appear on a speeding charge. An officer who was aware of the warrant made the arrest after observing Crum driving a silver Pontiac Grand Am and conducting a traffic stop at the vacant lot between Casey’s and Corner Express on U.S. 63.

Crum was taken to jail where he posted $250 bond and was released.

•Donald A. Newell, 27, of 14004 Arnot Road, No. 1, in Licking, was arrested July 25 for having an active Texas County warrant for furnishing materials for production of a controlled substance.

An officer who knew of the warrant made the arrest at a Highway 17 residence where Newell was known to be staying.

He was taken to the Texas County Jail where he was unable to post $75,000 bond.

While Newell was being transported to jail, he reportedly told the arresting officer a woman was at the same location who was also wanted on a similar charge. The officer determined the woman did have an active warrant for the same charge.

Jamie L. Deason, 38, of 4988 Highway 17 at Summersville, was subsequently arrested and taken to jail, where she was unable to post $75,000 bond.

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