The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 52-year-old Raymondville woman reported on Aug. 11 that her 16-year-old daughter was missing from her Kelly Road residence.

Upon arrival at the woman’s home, an investigating deputy observed that the girl had returned home. She had reportedly been at a 30-year-old man’s Yukon Road house.

The officer asked the girl questions and determined she had had been the victim of an inappropriate sexual encounter with the man.

The woman then stated the girl had been a victim about a month or two earlier, and that a 27-year-old Raymondville man was responsible.

Reports about both alleged incidents were sent to the county prosecutor.

•A woman reported on Aug. 14 that a 27-year-old Licking man had engaged in sexual conversation with her 13-year-old daughter and attempted to entice her into sexual acts.

After an investigation, a probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges against the man of sexual misconduct and enticement of a child less than 15 years of age.

•On Aug. 15, a representative of Ozark Medical Center Behavioral Health called to report that a young boy was out of control at a Highway AA residence at Bucyrus.

The woman told an officer that the boy had spray painted a woman’s car and himself blue, let livestock out of a field, climbed on the roof and had found a machete and was swinging it around and chopping things up and destroying them.

A Texas County juvenile division officer reportedly arrived at the scene, and the boy was detained and transported to a medical facility for evaluation. The boy was reportedly to be placed in a facility for care, and had already been receiving treatment for mental issues.

•A woman came to the TCSD office Aug. 9 to report that someone had sent paperwork to Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft to dissolve her LLC for the Crow Creek Bar and Grill north of Licking.

The woman stated she didn’t sign the papers, and said another woman had submitted the request. An investigating officer noted that the other woman is responsible for paying bills on the company’s accounts and owns the building and property where it sits, but has no partnership in the business.

Investigation continues.

•A deputy on Aug. 14 investigated a report of property damage at a Highway CC residence at Licking.

A 33-year-old woman who lives there told the officer she had found a piece of paper inside her car that she had never seen before, and that she always locks the vehicle. The woman showed the officer a nick in the paint on the car’s door frame and said she believed someone had unlocked it and been inside. There are no suspects.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 7:20 p.m. Aug. 9 regarding a report of a dog acting aggressively at a Kelly Road residence at Raymondville.

A 27-year-old woman who lives there told the officer a neighbor man’s dog kept coming on her property and threatening she and her children. The officer made contact with the 31-year-old man who owns the dog and advised him his neighbors didn’t want the animal on the property and he could be issued a citation if it went there again. The man said he understood.

•A deputy was advised at about 8 p.m. Aug. 9 that two vehicles were attempting to run a third vehicle off the road on Highway 17 near Dogs Bluff.

The officer was near the location assisting Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers and said he would help them on this call as well.

When the vehicles approached, they all stopped and the drivers told the officers they were bail bondsmen trying to catch a wanted man. While the man was being apprehended, the deputy spoke with a woman in his car who stated she believed she had an active warrant.

The deputy determined she had two active Wright County warrants. She was arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 14

Eric K.S. Lampkey – stealing

Susan L. Dixson – possession of controlled substance

Aaron L. Viloria – burglary

Michael A. Nugent – burglary

Aug. 15

James L. Hawkins – 2-year sentence

James W. Fithen Jr. – drug charge

Jacob D. Allred – writ

Corey A. Tharp – writ

Aug. 16

Wesley Norris – child pornography

Stanley E. Cornman – possession of controlled substance

Aug. 17

Gary W. Wade – assault, child abuse/neglect

Audrey Helms – contempt of court

Charles M. Curnutt – bond revocation

Matthew Hubble – stealing

Christina Shepherd – contempt of court

Vernon Carman – parole violation

Eric B. Fisk – domestic assault

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