County deputies responded to calls for assistance during the last week. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 39-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 25 that a neighbor was shooting what sounded like a fully automatic machine gun and setting off bombs. An investigating officer determined that a group of men were shooting a semi-automatic rifle at tannerite targets, and that they had ample backstop.

•A 48-year-old Success man reported on Aug. 23 that a vehicle had driven through the yard and garden at his Lindsey Lane residence. An investigating deputy was unable to locate where a vehicle had left the roadway.

•A 60-year-old Cabool woman reported on Aug. 19 that during the night someone had damaged her car, thrown everything out of it onto the ground and swiped her CDs from inside it.

The woman told an investigating officer she suspected a juvenile boy who had escaped from the nearby Gentry Residential Treatment Center. She showed the officer areas of damage under the dash of the 2000 Pontiac Grand Am where the suspect might have tried to hot wire it.

The woman said she believed the damage had caused a short, because the car wouldn’t start.

The officer went to the Gentry Center and was told the escaped boy had been found and returned to the facility. A report about the incident was to be sent to the Texas County juvenile services office.

•A 42-year-old Houston woman reported at about 11 p.m. Aug. 20 that someone was outside her residence in a Morton Road trailer park walking around with a flashlight and peering inside. An investigating officer was unable to locate a suspect.

•A 49-year-old Bucyrus man reported on Aug.16 that numerous items with a total value of $5,465 had been stolen from his Highway 17 residence.

The man named a 19-year-old Houston man as a suspect. Investigation continues.

•A deputy on Aug. 15 investigated a report of a stolen gun at a Highway H residence at Elk Creek.

A 35-year-old man who lives there told the officer a Ruger 22-250 rifle valued at $1,100 had been swiped from his vehicle as it was parked at his house. There are no suspects.

•Jason L. Beal, 37, of 308 Height Street in Licking, was issued a citation for fourth-degree assault after allegedly threatening two people at a Highway 32 residence on Aug. 14.

•A deputy responded on Aug. 19 to a 911 request for agency assistance with a man high on meth and pot at a Morgan Road residence at Elk Creek.

Upon arrival, the officer observed the man, 38, leaning over the kitchen sink. He told the officer it was his birthday so he had gone out with some friends and tried meth for the first time.

The man was taken by ambulance to a hospital for observation.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 18

Jimmie D. Scantlin – non-support

Jessica L. Morris – writ

Candice N. Walser – Greene County hold

Jason M.T. Brekken – possession of controlled substance

Andrew L. O’Daniel – damage to jail property

Aug. 19

Dale T. Coats – failure to appear (passing bad checks)

Jennifer M. Moebius – possession of controlled substance

Aug. 20

Ryan E. Reddy – domestic assault

Michael D. Love – Stoddard County hold

Aug. 22

James D. Wakenight – drug charges, theft

Karen Tungett – drug charges

Richard Shackleford – drug charges

Justin T. Jeffers – drug charges, unlawful use of weapon

Darlane E. Colie – passing bad checks (X8)

Aug. 23

Terris D. Carlson – DWI (persistent offender), failure to yield to emergency vehicle

James E. Burris III – resisting arrest

Taylor Breedlove – 48-hour commitment

Michael W. Malota – failure to appear

Aug. 24

Michael J. Smart – possession of controlled substance

Kolton C. Morgan – possession of controlled substance, driving while revoked

Christina Banderman – possession of controlled substance

Sharon L. Barton – writ

Aug. 25

Matthew A. Gale – assault

Mile Wolf – 48-hour commitment

Dakota Utley – 48-hour shock

Cory Crumm – contempt of court

Anthony P. Dickman – receiving stolen property

Clarence L.W. Hall – driving while suspended

Aug. 26

Zachary Sims – domestic assault, damage to jail property

Jessica L. Cook – failure to appear (stealing)

Kody Carter – failure to appear (driving while revoked)

Kenneth Hall – warrant

Aug. 27

Benjamin Burns – window tint violation

Daniel M. Doughty – failure to appear (possession of marijuana)

Aug. 28

Samatha Flipper – passing bad checks

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