The Houston Imagination Library provides books to Houston School District homes with children ages one month to five years. 

A program that benefits Houston School District children ages one month to five years by providing them with a book every month is seeking the public’s help.

The Houston Imagination Library is an affiliate of Dolly’s Imagination Library, which was started by entertainer Dolly Parton several years ago. Locally, Friends of Houston Imagination Library with sponsorship from Houston Community Betterment and Arts Council of Houston oversees local efforts.

Local funds are used to pay for the books received by children. This marks the program’s eighth anniversary locally and 128 children have graduated from it. Currently 110 are enrolled.

Contributions are tax-deductible. A donation of $25 puts 12 developmentally appropriate books into their personal libraries. The address is: Imagination Library, c/o Community Betterment, P.O. Box 222, Houston, Mo. 65483.

Karen Parker is chairwoman. Other officers include Becky Eidson, secretary; Sally Smith, treasurer; Wilda McNiell, member; Shannon Nunnery, data clerk; Peggy Holder, member; and Adryce Blohm, member.

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