More than 50 employees with MoDOT are assisting with clean up in Florida after Hurrican Irma.

More than 50 Missouri Department of Transportation employees  — including three from this area —  are working in Florida to help with clean up in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Florida requested assistance from other states.

The Missouri crews deployed from Sikeston last week heading to Tallahassee to receive their work orders. They took a variety of equipment with them, such as loaders, road tractors, backhoes, chainsaws and trucks. Their primary responsibility is debris removal from roadways. The crews are prepared to be out of state for up to two weeks. Among those traveling to Florida are Greg Van Horn, Brad Koch and Travis Sanders.

“I’m so proud of the outpouring of volunteers for this mission. However, I am not surprised,” said MoDOT Director Patrick McKenna. “We have great employees who continue to step up and show true dedication to serving others.”

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