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In my last four columns, I went over eight reasons why someone might choose to live off the grid in the present day.

Although each person’s reasons might be different, over the last seven years of my own off-grid journey I have talked to many people that have told me their own reasons. I have based my top 10 list on those reasons told to me as well as my own reasons, which in many cases were the same as what I was hearing from others.

To recap here are the first eight reasons people are choosing to live off grid in today’s world:

1. For spiritual reasons.

2. To grow their own food.

3. Because of the constant rising prices associated with all aspects of life.

4. To better be able to afford to live.

5. To keep farm animals.

6. To get away from society/people.

7. To get away from the drama and turmoil of modern day society.

8. To prepare their family to better survive anything that may happen.

Here is reason No. 9 people choose to live off grid in today’s world: To escape building codes and regulations.

For some, it’s no secret that building codes and regulations make it hard to build your own home, control your own waste management system, your own trash, etc. You cannot do anything, inside the city limits, without being bound to codes and regulations. For some people, this places a strain on their budget and limited knowledge of building, yet they still want to build their own home and control every aspect of their family’s lives without the intrusion of strict modern day codes and regulations.

Yes, codes and regulations are in place for safety and as a guide that are based on expert aspects, again for safety. However, there is still those people that would prefer to be able to do what they want without the pressure of such rules.

This leads us to the 10th reason folks choose to live off grid, today: To become more self sufficient and sustainable.

More and more people are “waking up” to the truths that modern day life just isn’t as healthy as it used to be and that our civilization’s way of life is at odds with the planet, in most all aspects. Also, more people are realizing that as we move forward it does not seem to be increasing our life expectancy or the life expectancy of our children. It’s no secret that what we are doing, how we are living just is not natural.

As these realizations, and others, become more prevalent (such as the destruction of our water, air and soil), more and more people are realizing it is because of the impact humans have on the planet and turning to a more sustainable way of life.

Texas County resident Merlyn Seeley (a.k.a. Spirit Walker) is a natural living expert, herbalist, Cherokee medicine man and author of numerous books. His blog address is


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