A Cabool man is held on $500,000 bond in the Texas County Jail and faces a pair of felony charges after being found apparently using drugs on Oct. 19 in the women’s restroom at a Houston gas station.

Oliver L. Woosley, 32, of 2580 Highway M at Cabool, is charged with two class D felony drug possession charges after the incident.

According to a report,  a Houston Police Department officer said a female employee of a Sam Houston Boulevard business contacted police at about 2:15 p.m. indicating a man had entered the women’s restroom about 15 minutes earlier and she was concerned about his well-being. The employee said she had knocked on the restroom’s door and received no response.

A pair of officers responded to the gas station and knocked on the door, again with no response. An officer then opened the door and observed a man – Woosley – sitting backward on a toilet.

A syringe containing a red liquid, a spoon with cotton and a red substance believed to be heroin were reportedly sitting on the lid of the toilet’s tank. Woosley also had a black zip-up case containing several items of drug paraphernalia sitting in his lap, along with two small plastic bags containing a chalk-like substance that later tested positive as heroin.

Also reportedly found in the black case were a black cylinder containing eight white pills bearing the markings, “GG429,” which were believed to be Alprazolam, a schedule 4 controlled drug. In the waste disposal bin next to the toilet, an officer also reportedly found a syringe and a small gray plastic bag which appeared to contain residue.

Woosley was arrested and taken to jail, and all the drug-related items were seized as evidence. The plastic bags and pills were sent to a Missouri State Highway Patrol lab for further testing.

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