After weeks of consideration, the Houston City Council unanimously decided Monday not to purchase Oakwood Golf Club.

City Administrator Tona Bowen said the council is supportive of the nine-hole course, feels it has benefits for the region and businesses and hopes it continues to operate in the community.

“They felt they couldn’t obligate other people’s money” to buy the nearly 74-acre course, she said.

Owner Bud Evans said earlier he planned to either close the business at the end of the current season or sell it and offered it to the city to purchase.  

In August, the council held a public hearing to gauge opinions on whether the city should purchase it. The feelings ranged from those who believed it was a valuable tool to better the quality of life and recreational opportunities in Houston and those who thought the $325,000 purchase of the Oakwood Golf Club, equipment and 6,000 square foot club house was ill advised and a poor investment.

The course is surrounded by housing in a development that is off Highway B east of Houston.

Bowen said following the vote, the council hopes a not-for-profit group will step in to buy it or private investors take the leap.

The vote was 5-0 with Alderwoman Sheila Walker absent.

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