Authorities are investigating the theft of guns from Licking and Houston.

Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers last week began investigation of two gun theft cases.

On Oct. 17, a deputy responded to a report of the theft of firearms and police duty equipment from the Highway 32 residence of a Licking Police Department officer.

The police officer told the deputy several guns and other items with a total value of $7,848 had been swiped, including a Glock duty handgun and a Taser. Five people are considered suspects in the case, including three men and two women.

On Oct. 18, a deputy investigated a report of a burglary at a Highway B residence at Houston.

A 29-year-old woman who owns the trailer home told the officer she had guns and ammunition stored inside, but didn’t live there. She stated that between Oct. 17 and 18, someone entered the trailer and stole five guns and several boxes of ammo with a total value of $2,970.

The woman said the door to the trailer was unlocked at the time of the theft. There are no suspects.

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