Texas County deputies are investigating several crimes in the county.

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded at about 12:25 a.m. Oct. 10 to a report of strange noises coming from underneath a residence on Highway 137 at Willow Springs.

A man who lives there told the officer he thought an animal had gotten under his house. The officer advised the man that Texas County has no animal control service.

•A 28-year-old Plato woman called Oct. 15 to report a neighbor man had threatened she and her family.

The woman told an investigating officer the man told her that trash strewn around his yard by her dogs needed to be picked up within an hour or he would call law enforcement on her again. The woman said she sent her children to pick up the trash, and that she thought the neighbor was taking photos of them through a window.

The woman told the officer her dogs had not been loose since she had received a citation about their behavior from the same officer on Aug. 20. The officer contacted the neighbor and his wife (ages 29 and 31) and they produced photos of the woman’s two Husky dogs rifling through their trash that were dated the same day (Oct. 15).

After the officer returned to the woman’s residence, she admitted she had let the dogs off their leads that morning. She was verbally warned about keeping adequate control of them.

•A deputy responded at about 9:40 a.m. Oct. 14 to a report of a domestic dispute at a Wildwood Drive residence at Raymondville.

The officer made contact with a 27-year-old man there who was lying on the porch, with his head covered in blood. The man told the officer he and the woman had gotten into an argument over breakfast, and that when he left the house he fell off the porch and hit his head on a cinder block.

The officer observed that one of cinder blocks supporting the porch had a significant amount of blood on it. The man stated he had not been pushed. He was taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital for treatment and the 12-hour rule was placed into effect.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3:50 p.m. Oct. 14 regarding a report of lost hikers near the Paddy Creek camping area.

Texas County 911 stated a call had been received from two females who were lost, and that directions had been provided to them to get back to the camping area. The officer was asked to check on the hikers and find out if they needed a courtesy ride.

Upon arrival at the camping area, the deputy made contact with the hikers just as they were pulling their vehicle out of the area to go home.

•A 63-year-old Mountain Grove woman came to the TCSD officer Oct. 11 to report she had received a phone call from an alleged officer in Arkansas who told her she had missed a court date and had multiple warrants for her arrest.

The woman told an investigating officer she had listened to a message on her answering machine from a man claiming to be Deputy Matt Rice from the police department in Conway, Ark. When she called him back, she was told she had been in a car accident in Conway on Aug. 18 and had missed her Oct. 10 court date.

The woman told the investigating officer she had not been in Conway on Aug. 18. After further investigation, the determination was made that the call was a scam. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

Oct. 10

Adam L. Kirkwood – Joseph E. Croff – burglary, assault

Wesley A. Choate – tampering with a witness

Matthew A. Gale – DWI

Stacey R. Bayless – 30 days contempt

Kolton C. Morgan – possession of controlled substance, driving while revoked

Troy Croney – driving while suspended

Roger Christ – 30 days contempt

Crystal L. Hoylman – assault

Brandi K. Master – probation violation

Oct. 12

Patrice A. Hill – tampering with motor vehicle

Oct. 13

Cassie May Tretham – 48-hour commitment

Wayne Metroz – 48-hour commitment

Oct. 14

Timothy Friend – statutory sodomy

Benjamin Coleman – violate ex parte, assault

Brock Stephens – Carter County warrant, Texas County warrant

Oct. 15

Lestal Campbell – forgery, stealing

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