A $100 bill recently used in a transaction at a Houston business belongs more on the silver screen than in a legitimate cash register.

Houston Police Chief Tim Ceplina said a counterfeit $100 bill was received at Casey’s General Store on South Sam Houston Blvd. Imprinted on the fake note are the words “replica” (in two places) and “this note is not legal, it is to be used in motion pictures.”

“When you see a scene in a movie where there’s money blowing all over a street or something like that, this is what’s being used,” Ceplina said. “It looks sort of real, but it’s not.”

In addition to being clearly marked as not being real, the pretend $100 bill is slick to the touch. It was seized as evidence.

Ceplina said store management thought the bill was likely taken in sometime after 11 p.m. Sunday. Surveillance video will be viewed in an attempt to determine who passed the phony money.

The incident was the second in a week involving counterfeit cash in Houston, as a police officer investigated a fake $10 bill received Oct. 10 at Town and Country Supermarket.

Ceplina said Houston police have now investigated seven reports of fake money so far in 2017.

“It’s crucial that anyone receiving cash at a business be keenly aware at all times,” he said. “I would say to inspect all currency. Look at your money; check its texture, its color and everything about it.

“We recommend that people use counterfeit detecting pens, and contact us whenever something looks wrong.”

The HPD’s phone number is 417-967-3348.

Houston Police Chief Tim Ceplina said there’s a government website available with instructions about authenticating U.S. currency. It contains information about what to look for and what steps to take when fake money is identified. Log onto www.uscurrency.gov.

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