Investigations sent deputies throughout the county during the last week.

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy was dispatched at about 2 p.m. Nov. 11 regarding a report of a peace disturbance at a Shafer Road trailer park at Licking.

A 63-year-old woman who lives there told the officer a neighbor man was outside his trailer yelling and she wanted it to stop. The officer made contact with the man and he stated he was outside talking on his cell phone and was being loud because the wind was blowing and he gets bad reception at the location.

The deputy asked him to keep his voice down.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 9:30 a.m. Nov. 10 regarding an intoxicated woman who was threatening suicide at a Highway H residence at Elk Creek.

Upon arrival, the officer found a man and woman sitting in a vehicle in a shop building, arguing over the keys to the vehicle. The officer separated the two and observed that the woman was extremely drunk.

The woman, 36, reportedly stated several times that she was going to kill herself, but finally agreed to be taken to a hospital and speak with a doctor. When an ambulance crew arrived and placed her inside, the woman began giving the crew trouble.

While following the ambulance to Texas County Memorial Hospital, the deputy observed it pull over on Highway 17 near the rock quarry. The officer opened the door to the ambulance and observed the woman fighting with a crew member.

When the ambulance arrived at TCMH, the woman continued to fight and refused medical care. She was arrested and taken to jail for a 12-hour safekeeping period.

•A 66-year-old Cabool man reported on Nov. 8 that a small Nissan car was abandoned at his Wilderness Lane residence. The man stated the car was parked in the driveway and it had been there about a month.

An investigating officer ran the license plate and determined the car belonged to a Mountain Grove man and wasn’t listed as stolen. The officer tried to contact the car’s owner, but without success. The homeowner was advised he could have the car towed at its owner’s expense.

•A veterinary doctor with the Missouri Department of Agriculture requested that a deputy accompany him to a Long Valley Road residence at Huggins because a 68-year-old man had repeatedly called about animal abuse at a neighbor woman’s property.

The officer noted in a report that the man had also called the TCSD multiple times about the same issue, but investigation revealed his claims were unfounded.

The officer and doctor went to the woman’s property and observed that horses, a donkey and a mule at the location all appeared well cared for. The doctor stated he would speak to the man with regard to his harassing phone calls and false reports.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 4

James L. Hutsell – assault

Benjamin A. Estep – possession of controlled substance

Larissa M. Easter – Greene County hold

Nov. 5

Samantha L. Burleson – burglary

Keith J. Thomison – assault, unlawful use of weapon

Nov. 6

Bobby Spurgeon – writ

George F. Williams Jr. – robbery, possession of controlled substance

Brandy R. Dewolfe – bond surrender

Nov. 7

Pamela D. Hatch – contempt of court

Krystal N. Base – contempt of court

Angela L. Gossett – 7-day commitment

Bobbie M. Crawford – burglary, child abuse

Kenny L. Courville – assault

Nov. 8

Dominick P.L. Hunter – assault, unlawful use of weapon, trespassing

Payton N. Mordis – Wright County hold

Sharon L. Barton – failure to appear, possession of controlled substance

Justin B. Williams – forgery

Nov. 9

Devon A. Mikel – stealing

Nov. 10

Robert N. Smith – 48-hour commitment

Nov. 11

Paul A. Kuster – 30-day shock

Nov. 12

Randy G. Mabe – parole violation

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