A Summersville man is held on $500,000 bond in the Texas County Jail and faces a felony charge after allegedly threatening to kill Summersville Police Chief Kevin Jotz in early October.

Jeremy Shelton, 31, of 163 S. Highway 17 in Summersville, was charged Nov. 13 with first-degree harassment (a class E felony) after allegedly making multiple threatening phone calls to Jotz.

According to a probable cause statement submitted by Jotz to the county prosecutor, a phone call from Shelton was received Oct. 3 during which Shelton made death threats against Jotz and his family. He allegedly threatened to burn down the the police chief’s home.

Shelton reportedly called Jotz again that evening and stated he had found out where Jotz lived.

The report said Shelton called yet again the following day, and this time told Jotz, “You’re going to meet your maker.”

The report also stated Shelton had made death threats against former Summersville mayor Leroy Wells, and even confronted Wells with a baseball bat as if to carry out the threats.

Jotz stated in the report that Shelton’s actions had placed he and his family “into a heightened state of apprehension,” causing the family to make changes at home and Jotz to alter his work routine.

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