A 00 bill recently received at a Houston business is clearly marked as being fake and for use in the motion picture industry. 

Houston Police Chief Tim Ceplina said no charges will be filed in the recent case involving a counterfeit $100 bill being passed in Houston.

Ceplina said further investigation revealed that two of the fake bills – clearly marked as being replicas meant for use in the motion picture industry – were passed in Texas County by a minor-aged boy, one in Houston and another in Success. Ceplina said the kid’s family has paid each business with real money and neither wants to pursue charges.

Ceplina said Mountain Grove police stated several of the bills were passed within their jurisdiction, and that they were apparently found lying on streets in the Mountain Grove and Norwood areas. Speculation is that the bills were somehow obtained by young people who then spread them around as a prank.

“It appears to have worked,” Ceplina said. 

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