County deputies responded to several calls during the last week. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•At about 5 p.m. Dec. 3, a deputy initiated a traffic stop on U.S. 63 near Cabool of a vehicle traveling well below the speed limit that had a temporary license that was difficult to read.

The officer made contact with a man and woman in the vehicle and the man, 74, turned out to be listed as a missing person in Christian County. The woman stated the man had a medical issue and was taken to a hospital for several days. She said she was unable to contact him during that time and had reported him as missing, and had then forgotten to advise Christian County when he was located.

•A Summersville man called Nov. 24 to report a big rig trailer had been swiped from his King Drive residence. When an investigating officer arrived, the man stated another driver from his company had taken it.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 9:40 a.m. Nov. 25 regarding a report of a suspicious vehicle at a Mount Zion Road residence at Cabool.

A 50-year-old man who lives there showed the officer a gray Chevrolet pickup that had run through a fence into a wooded area. The officer determined the truck was reported stolen from Mountain View.

It was towed, and the man who owned it was advised of its location.

•A deputy spoke with a Lebanon Police Department officer on Nov. 29 in reference to a stolen black 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix.

The Lebanon officer said a 31-year-old man took it for a test drive and failed to return it. The officer said the suspect was a sex offender who had previously registered at a Lone Pine Road residence at Mountain Grove.

The deputy went to residence, but didn’t see the car and was unable to make contact with the suspect. Investigation continues.

•A deputy on Nov. 29 investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle at Jacks Fork Bridge on Highway 137.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a silver Ford car that was registered to an El Dorado Springs man. There were no wants or warrants associated with it.

•Texas County 911 called Nov. 30 to report a hang-up call from a Grandview Road residence at Houston.

An investigating officer made contact with a 35-year-old man there who said a 36-year-old woman had been kicked by a donkey and had been taken by her mother to see a doctor.

•An anonymous person reported on Nov. 30 that there were a bunch of dead cows at a Decker Road property at Licking. An investigating officer didn’t observe any.

•A deputy responded Nov. 30 to a request to assist an ambulance crew at a Highway AW residence at Plato where a 63-year-old man had fallen off a piece of farm machinery and been hurt. An ambulance took the man to the hospital at Fort Leonard Wood.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 10:30 p.m. regarding a report of a vehicle theft at the Crow Creek Bar and Grill on Highway CC north of Licking.

The officer made contact with a 45-year-old Licking man there who said his 1999 Jeep Wrangler valued at $20,000 had been swiped, along with a Glock pistol valued at $500 that was inside. The man said he had gone inside the bar at about 9:20 p.m. and when he came out the Jeep was gone.

The officer reviewed surveillance video and observed a white Chevrolet pickup drive through the parking lot, and a man in a brown coat and blue jeans walking around about 10 minutes later. The officer saw the man walk toward the Jeep, look inside on the passenger’s side, and then walk to the other side, climb in and drive away.

The Jeep reportedly went east on Highway CC, in the same direction as the white truck. There are no suspects and investigation continues.

•A deputy was dispatched Nov. 6 to Summersville High School regarding a report of a student making threats against the school.

The officer made contact with the school principal, who showed the officer a threatening picture posted by the student – a 15-year-old boy – on Snapchat. The deputy spoke with the boy and his mother, and the boy said he wasn’t threatening the school, but rather another boy who had been bullying him.

The principal stated the school would be handling the issue.

•A 57-year-old Licking woman reported on Nov. 6 that the garage at her Highway AT residence had been broken into and several items with a total value of $475 had been stolen out of her car that was parked inside. The officer reported that he believed a local man was a suspect.

•A 30-year-old Cabool man reported on Nov. 24 that his silver Dodge Ram pickup (of unreported year and value) had been stolen from his Highway AV residence. Investigation continues.

•Pulaski County 911 called Nov. 24 to report that a woman had called and stated that a 50-year-old man had shot his 28-year-old son at their Evening Shade Road residence at Plato. Several deputies responded to the location and determined the shooting had not actually taken place.

They attempted to make contact with the son with regard to a report of a domestic disturbance, but without success.

•A deputy on Nov. 25 investigated a report of gunshots and a loud vehicle in the area of Douglas Road and Lundy Road at Houston. The officer and multiple Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers searched the area and didn’t find the loud vehicle.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 12:15 a.m. Nov. 27 regarding a request to assist an ambulance crew at a Highway P residence at Licking.

The officer made contact with a 58-year-old woman there who stated there was a stranger in her bed and wolves were all over her apartment and attacking her and chewing on her foot. She said she had locked herself in the bathroom, but one of the wolves had gotten in and attacked here there.

When the ambulance crew arrived, the woman refused medical attention.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 27

Michael P. Deardorf – West Plains PD hold

Gaige C. Watts – tampering with motor vehicle, resisting arrest

Nov. 28

Cody Westmoreland – writ

Cody J. Stafford – writ

Nov. 29

Amanda M. Layton – writ

Randall C. Redding – writ

Nov. 30

Joshua W. Steffens – non-support

Jamie A. Cooper – possession of controlled substance

Elizabeth A. Knopfel – stealing

Brett E. Hall – probation violation

Dustin W. Hewett – Phelps County hold

Ivan A. Gale – parole warrant

Sherri L. Long-Bucchi – transport to MDOC

Dec. 1

Roy Kramer – possession of controlled substance

Joshua D. Eisenhauer – 48-hour commitment

Jamie A. Bolden – warrant

Chance A. Hebblethwaite – DWI, driving while revoked, possession of marijuana

Dec. 2

Elizabeth A. Knopfel – Rolla PD hold

Chance I. Gale – 48-hour commitment

Macie O. Hayes-Mitchell – driving while revoked, stealing

Dec. 3

Alexander B. Hall – parole violation

Megan L. Neal – Houston PD warrant

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