A Plato man is held on $750,000 bond in the Texas County Jail and faces a felony assault charge following an incident Tuesday night at a residence in which he allegedly threatened a woman with a knife.

As a result of a Texas County Sheriff’s Department investigation of the incident, Scott A. Grim, 29, of 13909 Highway AW at Plato, is charged with first-degree domestic assault (a class B felony).

According to a deputy’s report, the officer was dispatched at about 8:20 p.m. regarding a report of a domestic dispute. A woman reportedly called 911 and stated Grim had taken too much Ambien, which caused him to hallucinate and become violent. Before the officer arrived, the woman called the TCSD and said Grim had a knife and was trying to break the doors down at the house.

The deputy then asked dispatch to call for assistance from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with an MSHP trooper at the scene who had Grim detained in his patrol vehicle.

During an investigation, the deputy observed a kitchen knife and cell phone sitting on a small shelf by the home’s front door, both with blood on them. Also observed was that the door was damaged and was missing its knob.

The deputy spoke with the woman, and she said Grim had become angry when two children who live at the residence had been taken next door to stay with a neighbor, and that he came after her with a knife. The woman reportedly said Grim grabbed her throat with his left hand and held the knife in the other and asked if she was “ready to die.”

She eventually managed to get away and went inside the house and locked the doors. She tried calling 911 from a landline, but Grim had allegedly disconnected the line, so she used her cell phone.

The woman stated that before the trooper arrived, Grim had tried to break down the front door and garage door with a hammer, and that he was able to break off all the house’s doorknobs, but was unable to get inside.

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