Not showing up to meetings about tax cuts, refusing to meet with the President to discuss our nation’s budget, storming out of Committee Hearings, and trying to block President Trump’s nominations – at every turn, obstructionists who disagree with our President’s vision for freedom and economic growth are trying to impede progress and take him down. It seems like the only action these time-wasters ever want to take is complete inaction. Over and over again they have shown a complete unwillingness to work with our President who was elected by the American people. Instead, they choose to hold up progress for the entire country. Unfortunately, those who seek to thwart progress are not just from one side of the aisle, both Democrats and Republicans alike – those who vowed to be ‘never Trumpers’ are uniting to try and prevent our President from repealing and replacing Obamacare, reducing the tax burden on American families, securing our borders and rolling back the Washington regulatory machine.

Just last week, Representative Al Green from Texas actually offered a motion on the Floor of the United States House of Representatives to try and impeach President Trump. It was both astonishing and embarrassing. What’s worse, close to 60 Members of Congress voted to advance the resolution, including the 3rd highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. House – what a sham. Fortunately, I was able to use my vote, your voice in Congress, to STOP this from going any further. However, the reality is this action by Representative Green is just another in the long list of obstructions from Members of Congress who refuse to support or even work with our President. Regardless if they think his policies are right for our country, these politicians fear the political ramifications of working with the President. That’s right, they are putting politics before people.

During President Trump’s first 11 months in office, the United States House of Representatives has passed 449 pieces of legislation. That’s more than under Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton. It includes policies to cut wasteful Washington spending, lower the cost of energy, provide resources to our men and women overseas, combat illegal immigration, put an end to excessive bureaucratic regulations and yes, even fully repeal and replace the doomed government takeover of healthcare known as Obamacare. Unfortunately, the Senate can’t handle how productive the House of Representatives has been. Of the 449 bills passed, 353 of those are STUCK in the Senate. Many Senators are trying to make a name for themselves by opposing President Trump while others are using the rules of the swamp known as the “Filibuster” to simply block progress. Their resistance is designed as nothing more than to keep us from governing while they try to figure out ways to defeat our President in 2020.

The worst cases of obstruction this year has been the Senate’s complete slow walk and failure to advance the nominations President Trump has submitted to fill out his cabinet offices and judicial openings. Both George Bush and Barack Obama had close to twice the number of confirmations advanced out of the Senate at this point in their young Presidencies. This even included a refusal to cooperate on the President’s nomination to our nation’s highest court, Justice Neil Gorsuch – an individual who had previously been confirmed through the same Senate with both the unanimous support of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

President Donald Trump and I are working to pass legislation that will move our country forward – but the obstructionism of the ‘never Trump’ folks must end. If we are going to keep Americans safe, save Missouri families money and create job opportunities, those on the opposing side must accept that we were elected to put people before politics, not the other way around. In the Upper Chamber, my Senate friends should repeal the terrible rule known as the “Filibuster” which has allowed obstructionism to gain foot and prevented scores of pro-growth, pro-family and pro-America polices from advancing to the President’s desk. The American people spoke loud and clear when they elected President Trump last November. The time has come for obstructionists to stop being part of the problem and to start governing and become part of the solution.

Jason Smith represents Missouri’s 8th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. Contact him at 573-335-0101 or visit

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