Things that won't happen until 2018

For crying in the mud, based on what has gone down in 2017, 2018 promises to be a wild, weird and wacky trip around the nearby star.

Looking at where things stand as 2017 ends, who knows what might happen in the coming year?

But while we can’t be sure what might transpire in what appears to be an anything-goes type of year, I think I can safely predict several things that won’t happen. Here are some of them, in no particular order.

The mainstream media in the U.S. begins presenting news objectively.

Unfortunately, it’s now too popular for major sources of so-called “news” to use their platforms as formats for promoting agendas, pushing opinions and even creating or nurturing fear.

It’s unnecessary, unprofessional and unfair, but it ain’t about to change.

Republicans andDemocrats in Washington D.C. make compromise a common procedure.

I’d say the “aisle” between members of the two parties in both the Senate and House is now more like a deep, dark chasm and nobody is willing to try to communicate across its expanse.

Planet 9, X or whatever you want to call it drifts dangerously close to Earth.

I’m pretty sure that if this heavenly body that has been talked about for years truly existed, there would be solid evidence by now.

It’s comparable to the Sasquatch legend. If they exist, why is the only “evidence” always in the form of blurry photographs or odd stories told by people about experiences they had when they were alone?

Islam stands down.

That’s never going to happen, let alone in 2018. “Islamist extremists” will always be a thorn in the side of everybody on the planet who won’t bow down to their false god and follow that Muhammad guy who founded the false doctrine.

People avoid getting swindled by phone scammers.

Whether it’s due to being ignorant, naive or overly trusting, there are men and women who simply won’t get the message that they need to use extreme caution when speaking to someone on the phone.

For whatever reason, they can’t comprehend three fundamental aspects of the subject:

• If you don’t recognize a number on your caller ID, you don’t have to answer.

• If you aren’t 100-percent sure who you’re talking to, don’t offer up personal information or send money (not 99.9, but 100).

• There are always red flags in a conversation with a scammer. If one comes up, it needs to be taken to heart.

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