Houston's city government discussed its spending plan for 2018 during a meeting Monday at Houston City Hall. 

The operator of Houston’s wastewater treatment plant has resigned effective at the end of the month.

Jerry Jackson, who has been employed for the City of Houston for about 15 years, resigned Wednesday. Jackson oversees the wastewater treatment plant, which was completely rebuilt in a more than $3 million upgrade that also included new and upgraded lift stations and line improvements finished in 2012.The plant is tucked away near Brushy Creek off Florence Street.

In 2013, Jackson was named by the Missouri Rural Water Association as its wastewater operator of the year at its annual conference.

Tona Bowen, Houston city administrator, said the water/sewer department supervisor, Harley Coulter, is assessing what he needs for the department. “We will most likely post for a position that will work at the wastewater treatment plant and with the water department.  We will most likely post the position in the next two to three weeks.” she said.

The position is the third department head position to become vacant. The city’s park and recreation department head, Drew Jordan, announced he was leaving his position. Four members of the Houston City Council called on the city’s clerk to resign last month. That position also must be filled. 

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