A Houston man is held on $500,000 bond in the Texas County Jail and faces a pair of felony charges after a domestic assault incident on Nov. 26 that led to him being tased twice by Houston officers.

Following the police response to his residence after a call for help by a child, Brian K. Lancaster, 42, of 706 Ozark St. in Houston, is charged with third-degree domestic assault and resisting or interfering with a felony arrest (both class E felonies).

According to report, a 7-year-old girl called 911 at about 12:10 a.m. indicating Lancaster was drunk, throwing things around the house and had hit his wife in the head. Two officers responded, and upon arrival, one of them knocked on the door and announced their presence, and the girl opened the door.

At that point, Lancaster reportedly charged at the officers and yelled repeatedly. One officer drew his Taser and told Lancaster to calm down, and then went inside to speak to the woman while Lancaster stood outside with the other officer.

After entering the home, the officer observed a kitchen table upside down with legs broken off, and an island unit sitting at a crooked angle. The woman told the officer Lancaster had come home from a bar at about 11:45 p.m. and become angry and aggressive.

She stated that Lancaster had picked up the island, causing its top to disconnect and strike her in the head. She said she was dizzy and requested medical attention, and the officer called for an ambulance.

The officer asked Lancaster what had happened and he said nothing had taken place. The officer advised him he was being arrested, and Lancaster replied that he wasn’t going to jail.

When told he didn’t have a choice, Lancaster said that if the officers were going to take him to jail, they were “going to have a little fun first.”

The officer drew his Taser again and told Lancaster he wasn’t going to fight with him, and that he would be tased if he didn’t comply. But when told to put his hands on his head, Lancaster refused.

The officer secured Lancaster’s left hand, but he started to pull away. The second officer then drive-stunned Lancaster, which reportedly upset him even more. The first officer told the second to back away from Lancaster and deployed his Taser at Lancaster full cycle.

Lancaster still resisted, and tried to pull the barbs out of his body. The first officer then deployed a full cycle again, and Lancaster finally gave up and was handcuffed. A paramedic who arrived removed the barbs.

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