The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 27-year-old Houston man reported on Jan. 12 that someone had stolen all of the propane in the tank at his Ridge Road residence.

The man told an investigating deputy that the tank was about one-third full on Jan. 9 and on Jan. 11 it was empty. There are no suspects.

•A 29-year-old Houston man reported on Jan. 11 that someone was inside his Somerset Lane residence and had locked the door so he couldn’t get inside.

On the same day, a 30-year-old woman reported that her former boyfriend was trying to get into her house without permission (which was the same house the man was referring to).

An investigating officer spoke to both people, and they agreed that the man would take his belongings and leave.

•A woman on Jan. 11 requested that a deputy check the well-being of her grandchildren at a County Line Road residence at Mountain Grove.

The officer made contact with a 43-year-old man who lives there who showed the officer the two boys eating lunch at a table. The officer observed that they had clean clothes on and appeared happy.

•A Licking man reported on Jan. 10 that there were two horses on his Lotz Drive property, and he didn’t know the owner.

The man told an investigating officer he had spoken with neighbors about the horses, and they also didn’t know where they came from. He said he would house them until their owners could be found.

•A deputy responded at about 11 a.m. Jan. 10 to a request by a Houston Police Department officer to assist with a fight at Miller’s Grill on South U.S. 63.

Before arriving, the deputy was advised the situation was under control and was asked to try to find a man driving a black sports car. The deputy was unable to locate him.

•A woman reported on Jan. 2 that a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolver was missing from her Harlow Road residence at Summersville.

The woman told an investigating deputy that she wasn’t sure if her wife had taken the gun, but that it did belong to both women. No serial number was provided.

•A deputy responded to a report of a man in the roadway at Highways 137 and 17 at Yukon.

The officer made contact with a 23-year-old man and 18-year-old girl there who said they had been in an argument. The man said he had lost his shoe and was retrieving it from the highway, and he didn’t mean to have been in the roadway.

The officer advised the two to stay off the road and the 12-hour rule was put in place.

•A 55-year-old Summersville man reported on Jan. 8 that neighbors had been shooting a gun from about 3 to 4 a.m. next to his Pipeline Road residence, and it was keeping him awake.

The man also reported that trash from the neighbors’ property was blowing all over his property, which was making it difficult to sell the parcel.

An investigating officer noted in a report that the man had in the past made several reports against the neighbors, all of which were determined to be unfounded.

The officer spoke with a woman at the neighbors’ house and explained the man’s most recent complaint. She stated that her family was sound asleep at 3 or 4 a.m., and that they hadn’t heard any firearms being discharged.

The officer asked if there was a burn pile on the property where items could have blown from onto the man’s property, and she said the only place they burned any trash was inside a barrel. The deputy walked all around the house and found no sign of trash anywhere in the yard.

The officer also searched around the man’s property and found no trash.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 8

Brent D. Grey – Webster County hold

Jan. 9

Brandon C. Smith – Webster County hold

Dakota R. Utley – DWI

Jeremy A. Breedlove – Dent County hold

Steven A. Barton – writ from MDOC

James Hutsell – writ from MDOC

Joseph D. Phelps – failure to appear

Gregory A. Selock – Jefferson County hold

Jan. 10

Preston E. Rutz – Maries County hold

Jan. 11

Carlton Curtis – Dent County/Phelps County hold

Gerald Toman – probation violation

Jan. 12

Shadrach Ferguson – 48-hour commitment

Adam B. Smith – 48-hour commitment

Tyler Cook – 48-hour shock

Stephanie F. Dann – possession of controlled substance, endangering welfare of a child

Lorin E. Trick – sexual charges

Jan. 13

Leonard L. Martin – bond surrender

Shawn B. Alterouge – probation violation

Payton N. Mordis – 24-hour commitment

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