The Houston Police Department is continuing an investigation into a reported crime that occurred Saturday night. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Houston Police Department:

•An officer responded Jan. 20 to a report of a domestic altercation at a West Highway 17 residence.

The officer made contact with a woman there who said she and her husband had been in a heated argument because he had turned off the Internet to her phone. The woman told the officer she and her husband are getting a divorce due to his indiscretions with other women. No charges are pending.

•A 27-year-old Houston man reported that a Ruger Mark III .22 caliber pistol had been stolen from his vehicle. The man told an investigating officer he regularly parks at Casey’s General Store in the morning and then rides to work with a supervisor, and that he believes the gun was swiped from that location between Jan. 1 and 11.

•A 21-year-old Houston man reported on Jan. 6 that a rolling suitcase containing several items with a total value of $1,100 had been stolen from his vehicle while he was inside a bar on Grand Avenue for about 30 minutes. There are no suspects.

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