Houston Police Department Chief Tim Ceplina urges local citizens to be wary of a scam to make people pay for more than necessary for a copy of the deed to their property or other record of title.

Ceplina said a company calling itself “Records Recovery Services” (purportedly out of Jefferson City) offers people the chance to purchase a copy of a deed for $87. The problem with that, Ceplina said, is anyone can get the same thing from the county recorder of deeds office for $1.

“It happens every year at about this time,” Ceplina said. “They’ll certainly provide you with what you want, but you’ll be paying $86 more than you have to.”

Records Recovery Services’ paperwork looks very official, Ceplina said, but the back page is headed with the misspelling, “Homeowners Inforamtion.”

A PDF of a form sent to a local resident is posted with this story online at houstonherald.com. For more information, call Ceplina at 417-967-3348.

PDF: Police issue copy of letter

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