Off-Grid Living

Let me be honest with you. Any path you choose to follow in this life – which takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you – will be met with contempt by those who do not share your zeal.

If you and your partner are not 100-percent in this together, off-grid living will challenge your relationship. I know this all to well and send out a warning: Off-grid living and homesteading is a hard life. To some, it might seem like all fun and learning, but it is far from that alone.

Off-grid homesteading, if done traditionally, is a lot of very hard work and will take some time to get comfortable with. People who would enter into this way of life with a partner who feels they are just in it for the fun of it, or who may just be following their partner to remain loyal, I would caution you. Here is the problem: No matter what the path or way of life is, there will be issues if the two of you are not on the same page!

You cannot expect one partner to follow one way of life and their partner to follow a separate way, especially if that separate way is in direct opposition with the first partner’s way of living. To put it bluntly: If you and your spouse do not fully agree with off-grid living, then expect to have relationship problems.

The demands of the homestead are many. Firstly, someone has to be at the homestead almost constantly taking care of all the animals and gardens, along with all the odds and ends that come with a self-reliant way of life.

Secondly, modern day life does not fit into an off-grid or homesteading way of life. Now I know there will be people who will challenge me and say, “well, me and my wife or husband have made it work.” I would say, “well, good for you – you are the exception.”

But I speak from eyewitness experience of this, not just of the off-grid path, but even many spiritual paths. I am also a spiritual adviser and teacher, I have led many people down certain spiritual paths that they were all about.

However, their wife or husband wasn’t 100-percent committed, or sometimes, at all. Even after my warning, their relationships started seeing turmoil and eventually came to an end. Whether it’s some spiritual path you are walking, a belief you are standing firm on or even the off-grid life, your partner needs to be 100-percent committed to the same lifestyle. It is my hope and prayer for all those couples moving off-grid, that they would both be 100-percent committed – for the long haul.

Life will be hard at first. Things will seem to be working against you and you will need to be strong.

But work together, not separate, and you will taste success.

Texas County resident Merlyn Seeley (a.k.a. Spirit Walker) is a natural living expert, herbalist, Cherokee medicine man and author of numerous books. His blog address is


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