Texas County deputies are investigating several crimes in the county.

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A fax was received on Feb. 2 from a representative of Pepsi MidAmerica indicating a cooler valued at $2,500 had been lost from Boiling Springs Resort near Licking during flooding in May 2017.

•On Feb. 3, a deputy accompanied Public Administrator Connie Thompson to two area residences to speak with people she had been assigned to by the court system.

The first stop was at a Grandview Road residence where Thompson spoke with a 35-year-old man and his four stepchildren, and the second stop was at a mobile home in a Northview Lane trailer park to speak with a woman who wasn’t home at the time.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3:20 p.m. Feb. 3 regarding a report of a domestic incident at a Sunshine Drive residence at Mountain Grove.

The officer made contact with a 37-year-old woman there who said she and her daughter came home and were watching TV in the living room when a 37-year-old man walked into the room. The woman told the officer she hadn’t heard the man come into the residence, and believed he was already there when she and her daughter got home.

She stated that the man was acting strangely, trying to make things levitate with his eyes and talking about Mormons having a curse on his kids.

The officer noted that the woman has a protection order against the man. The officer located the man the next day and he denied being at the woman’s home.

•A deputy was dispatched Feb. 6 regarding a property dispute on Junction Street at Raymondville.

The officer made contact with a 34-year-old man there who stated he and a 67-year-old man share a driveway, but the other man had been parking his vehicle on it in a way that blocked his access. The officer spoke with the older man. and he claimed he owned the whole driveway and was not going to move his vehicle.

Neither man was able to show the officer proof of who owned what part of the driveway. The officer advised the man who called in the report to have a survey done.

•A deputy responded at about 9:45 p.m. Feb. 6 to a report of prowlers at a Highway 17 residence at Bucyrus.

The officer made contact with a 59-year-old man there who stated he had seen three teenagers behind his home, and provided a description of three suspects – two males and one female. The man also told the officer the three were living under his trailer.

The officer looked around the area and observed no signs of the suspects, and also searched for openings under the man’s trailer, but none were found. The officer then searched an abandoned trailer about 150 yards away and found nothing suspicious.

The man’s claim was deemed unfounded.

•The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department reported on Feb. 9 that three men were walking along Highway AW at Plato, dressed in dark clothing and walking out into traffic. An investigating deputy was unable to locate them.

Texas County Jail admissions

Feb. 5

Bryce W. Lieuvsay – drug charge

Christina Banderman – drug charges

Brandon C. Smith – Webster County hold

Feb. 6

Jesse D. Lane – possession, transportation of illegal weapon; possession of controlled substance

Joshua W. Steffen – Randolph County hold

Bryce W. Lieuvsay – delivery or possession of illegal item at county jail

Edward A.J. Shukis – resisting arrest

Feb. 7

Christopher Gruber – Franklin County hold

Feb. 8

William T. Estes – driving while revoked

Brandi K. Masters – writ

Frankie L. Thomas – probation violation

Sherod D. Bittle – 96-hour commitment

James M. Huffman – 72-hour commitment

Frankie L. Thomas – Jefferson County hold

Feb. 9

Jessica L. Cook – failure to appear (stealing)

Catlin R. Friend – Ozark County hold

Aaron M. Lovejoy – non-support

Feb. 12

Amanda D. Spencer – stealing, driving while revoked

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