A Houston woman is charged with felony assault following an incident near the Houston Post Office.

A Houston woman faces a felony assault charge after a police investigation last Thursday (March 15).

Brandi K. Masters, 35, of 112 Spruce St., No. 4, in Houston, is charged with third-degree assault (a class E felony).

According to a Houston police officer’s report, the officer was dispatched at about 7:35 p.m. regarding an assault on First Street across from the post office. The officer made contact with a man there who had blood running down both sides of his face and said Masters had assaulted him.

The man told the officer Masters had asked him to take her to her mother’s house, but he told her he wouldn’t because she isn’t allowed there. The man then stated Masters said he might as well take her to the sheriff’s office because she was going to end up in jail.

The man said Masters then began hitting him and clawing him in the face. The officer observed that the man had cuts behind both ears and on a cheek.

Photographs were taken as evidence, and the man stated he wanted to pursue charges.

Masters was located at Ozark Terrace and taken to jail, where she is held on $100,000 bond.

According to the officer’s report, when Masters was aksed what had happened, she said, “the world is ending.”

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