A former inmate claims in a federal lawsuit he didn't receive proper medical care in the Texas County Jail. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 28-year-old Summersville woman reported on April 7 that her van had been stolen from her Highway 17 residence. An investigating officer went to the woman’s home and the van was there.

•A 34-year-old Licking woman called April 6 to request that a deputy check the well-being of her 14-year-old son at their Bean Creek Road residence. An investigating deputy made contact with the boy and he said he was fine and just needed someone to talk to.

•On April 6, a representative of the Missouri Division of Aging requested a well-being check on a 23-year-old woman at a Highway 181 residence at Cabool.

The young woman was reportedly being mistreated by being locked in her room and fed from a bowl that was pushed under the door. The officer noted that the woman reportedly had autism and cerebral palsy.

After investigation, the deputy determined the woman was well taken care of, and was not locked in her room and had her own chair at the family table during meal time.

•A 65-year-old Licking woman reported on April 5 that her 23-year-old son was missing from their Arnott Road residence. An investigating officer determined the son was incarcerated in the Dent County Jail.

Texas County Jail admissions

April 3

Seth Clark – possession of controlled substance

April 4

Scott Horton – failure to appear

April 5

Jacob G. Thompson – failure to appear

Metrina A. Barton – failure to appear

Amanda M. Swenson – endangering welfare of a child

April 6

Brad D. Caldwell – DWI

Dustin E. Cross – driving while revoked

Margaret L. King – Wright County hold

Erin L. Lancaster – 24-hour commitment

Shawn M. Nicholson – 24-hour commitment

Samantha T. Dennis – delivery of controlled substance, failure to register motor vehicle

Jonnie D. Clinton – possession of controlled substance

April 7

Carla N. Selby – 48-hour commitment

Amie J. Stokes – stealing

Wendell E. Harris – 48-hour commitment

Metrina A. Barton – Pulaski County hold

Christina R. McGowan – possession of controlled substance

Lisa K. Hayes – possession of controlled substance

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