Texas County is seeking a gag order in a case filed against it.

The Texas County Commission is asking a judge to issue a gag order again a man who is suing it, according to a new filing in Texas County Circuit Court.

Separately on Tuesday, May 15, the plaintiff asked a judge to issue a temporary restraining order against the commissioners, who he said is overstepping its powers.

In a motion filed Thursday, commissioners say George Sholtz of Plato “has been broadcasting slanderous, false and harassing statements” against the commission. Sholtz sued the commission In November 2017 for damages related to the loss of farm equipment after a July 2017 accident killed his son-in-law in Cass Township. Sholtz is asking $25,000 for the loss of the machinery and the loss of profit.

A wrongful death lawsuit also was filed against Cass Township and Texas County by Justin Dixon’s widow. 

The commission said the comments have been on the airwaves of a Houston radio station where Sholtz is the manager. 

The commission’s lawyer, Patricia Keck of Springfield, alleges she also has been targeted by Sholtz, according to the filing.

The commission has taken aim at Sholtz in its column to constituents. 

The motion asks a judge to warn the plaintiff not to continue comments that might taint a jury and asks that court costs related to its action be assessed to him. 

In the latest motion, Sholtz alleges the commission claims it has no authority over township road and bridge matters. Yet, it is in communication with Burdine Township on a bridge building project, according to Sholtz.  He seeks the restraining order against the commission to prevent “irreparable damage to all citizens of Texas County.”

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