The Houston Police Department is continuing an investigation into a reported crime that occurred Saturday night. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy was contacted by an officer from the Brazoria County, Texas, sheriff’s department regarding information received that indicated a man who is a fugitive in a felon in possession of a firearm case was living at a Highway AJ residence and using an alias.

Deputies responded to the location after dark and entered a trailer home, but there was no evidence that anyone had been living in it at the time.

•A 49-year-old Success man reported on June 9 that his 16-year-old stepson had tried to hit him after being told to go to his room.

An investigating officer told the man he could fill out a statement that would be forwarded to the county juvenile office. The man said he would contact the juvenile office himself.

Texas County Jail admissions

June 3

Ben J. McKee Jr. – Laclede County hold

June 4

Jackie L. Ice – driving without a license

Marc P. Lukomski – stealing

June 5

Matthew H. Trentham – domestic abuse

Edward L. Bleckler – 5-day commitment

Scott A. Grim – ship to MDOC

Robby T. Wallis – ship to MDOC

Darren L. Bussard – writ

Ryan D. Pettit – Willow Springs PD hold

Curtis A. Edgerton – stealing

Sabrina T. Edgerton – stealing

Brandon T. Hess – child molestation, sodomy

Mark H. Marino – St. Louis warrant

June 6

Mathew J. Raimer – Wright County hold

James M. Lederle – possession of controlled substance, resisting arrest

June 8

Amanda D. Stout-Vandergriff – failure to appear

Jessica L. Shockley – drug charges

Lori L. Cox – 48-hour commitment

Matthew J. Ramsey – 24-hour commitment

June 9

Kristopher E. Nelson – Adams County, Ill., hold

Amanda J. Wake – possession of controlled substance

Earl T. Baker – 72-hour commitment

Jeffery A. Brooks – tampering with motor vehicle

Nathan J. Neal – possession of controlled substance

June 10

Christopher S. McQueen – 48-hour commitment

Erin L. Lancaster – possession of controlled substance

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