Deputies responded to many calls in the county recently. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•Two deputies responded at about noon May 31 to a report of a suspicious man at Dollar General in Roby.

The store manager told the officers the man had been roaming the parking lot asking for rides and wandering around in the store talking to all the customers both inside and outside. The officers were unable to locate the man.

•A deputy was dispatched May 22 after a woman requested a well-being check of a man at a Hogan Road residence at Houston. The man was home and told the officer he was fine and had not answered his daughter’s calls because she keeps him on the phone.

•Two deputies responded May 30 to a report of property damage at a Junction Street residence at Licking.

A man at the location showed the officers a hole in a window in the house and stated he was concerned that it had been caused by. After an investigation, the officers determined the hole had not been caused by a bullet or BB, but by a rock thrown from a mower.

•Officers responded May 27 to a report of a dog attacking lambs at a Susan Lane residence at Bucyrus.

The officer made contact with a 30-year-old woman and 29-year-old man there who said a large white dog had attacked his kids’ show lambs while they were away from the house. They said when they returned home, they witnessed the dog attacking a small lamb, and the man grabbed the dog and locked it in a shed.

The man showed the officers the dog’s collar, which bore a tag indicating it belonged to a man and woman in Mexico, Mo.

Photographs were taken of the bloody lambs.

•A deputy responded May 31 to a request for assistance by an ambulance crew at a Highway AF residence at Licking.

The officer spoke with a 45-year-old woman there who said she had been assaulted and believed her ribs and jaw were broken and that she had a concussion. The officer observed that the woman displayed no marks, bruises, abrasions or any other signs of injury.

She said she wanted to be taken to the hospital and that when she was released she would fill out a statement about the incident.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 29

Stephen S. Rhea – assault

Jerry D. Haddican – possession of controlled substance

Jason K. Loman – writ

David L. Cook – writ

May 30

Tommy H. Jackson – warrant

May 31

Michael McLain – DWI

Derrick J. Cook – possession of controlled substance

Ester M. Gann-Gribble – Macon County hold

June 1

Mickey D. Brooks – burglary, possession of controlled substance

Matthew J. Raimer – non-support

June 2

Michael D. Warren – assault, tampering with motor vehicle

Arthur L. Castle – Willow Springs PD hold

June 3

James W. Warren – Houston PD warrant

Earl T. Baker – 72-hour commitment

Ben J. McKee Jr.  – Laclede County hold

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