The Missouri state treasurer is trying to find the owners of $1 billion worth of unclaimed property.

Starting next week in the Houston HeraldState Treasurer Eric Schmitt will publish his annual list of people, who have $50 dollars or more in unclaimed property.

A release from his office states there are around 100,000 Missourians who have unclaimed property and will be listed in more than 100 publications across the state, including the Herald.

Missouri law requires these notices be published annually in order to list the names of individuals whose property is valued at $50 or more and has been turned over to the Missouri state treasurer’s office in the past year.

“We have $1 billion of unclaimed property in our state, so I have made it a priority to get this money returned to its rightful owners as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Schmitt said. “This money doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to the people of Missouri. I’m proud of the work our team has done to cut the processing time nearly in half and make it easier for Missourians to claim and receive their unclaimed property.”

You can check to see if you have Unclaimed Property at, People can also sign up for email notifications when new assets come in matching their information and send notifications to family and friends to let them know about money being held in their name.


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