August has been rather slow, as school has started back. I’m sure that takes a lot of time for parents and guardians. 

The last meeting at American Legion Post 41 in Houston had 14 people in attendance. In August the first day of the month fell on a Thursday, so the following Thursday was when the monthly meeting was held. If it hadn’t been for that situation, we would had another dozen people attend. 

Just to repeat: The monthly meeting is the second Thursday of the month, starting at 5:30 pm.

We also have weekly morning meetings every Thursday starting at 9 a.m., which is when post business is decided. That leaves the monthly nighttime meeting for reports to the general membership, and time for pizza and beverages.

July was the 81st anniversary of the post being chartered. It past with little fanfare. But in November, Veterans Day is on the 11th, which is a Sunday. I understand that on the 8th, Houston High School will have a program. At this time I have no details, but perhaps next month I’ll have more information.

September is when MIA-POW Day is acknowledged, and with the recent passing of John McCain I believe there will be programs celebrating those luckless service members.

August had a great many historical events, including the dropping of the first atomic bomb used in war, and a few days later the surrender of Japan. The invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqi Army is more recent. Their are a great many birthdays in August also, such as Francis Scott Key and Erin Pyle.

I have not received any information from the FRA or VFW this month; again I think the starting of school has taken time from everyone’s routine.

September kicks off the Post Boys/Girls State funding drive, and students who are high school juniors can receive information from the school counselor. I will be out dropping off flyers around the community over the next few weeks.

I wish everyone a safe and prosperous month to come. And please stop by for one of Post 41’s meetings.   

Houston resident Keith Ford is a retired infantryman and an amateur writer whose work has appeared in publications around the world. Email

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