Deputies responded to many calls in the county recently. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department

•A deputy was dispatched at about 1:50 a.m. Sept. 13 to assist Houston police with a foot pursuit on Second Street.

Upon arrival, the deputy observed that two police officers had a male suspect in custody. The deputy took him to jail.

•Steven W. Holden, 32, of 8877 Hayes Drive in Houston, was arrested Sept. 3 for having active Texas County felony warrants related to drug charges and endangering the welfare of a child. A deputy made the arrest at Holden’s residence at about 2:05 p.m. and took him to jail.

•A deputy responded at about 8 p.m. Sept. 12 after a man called to report loud music coming from a house on Highway 32 at Plato that was near his Austin Lane residence.

The man reportedly said he could hear the music over the TV in his own house, and that he had two small children trying to sleep. Upon arrival, the officer was unable to hear loud music coming from any residence in the area.

•A 62-year-old Elk Creek man reported on Sept. 11 that a motor home on his Highway H property had been broken into and several items with a total value of $2,395 had been stolen from inside.

The man named as a suspect a 37-year-old man who does work on the property and allegedly lives in the Willow Springs area. The Willow Springs Police Department was contacted.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 10:50 a.m. Sept. 13 after a man reported seeing an unoccupied gray Ford Taurus on McCloy Road in the Paddy Creek Wilderness area.

The officer attempted to locate the car, but some Missouri Department of Conservation workers in the area said they had had seen it but it had left.

•A man called Sept. 5 to report a man he had a protection order against was harassing him by driving up and down Bailey Road on a Moped and honking its horn. An investigating deputy determined that no protection order had been served and that the man was within his rights driving on the public roadway.

•A deputy was dispatched Sept. 6 regarding a report of an assault at a Possum Trot Drive residence at Raymondville.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a 53-year-old woman who said she lived there with her 46-year-old boyfriend and that his 38-year-old wife and 68-year-old mother had shown up and caused problems. The woman stated that she had told them to leave and been struck with a walker.

The other two women told the deputy they lived there, too. Nobody wanted to pursue charges.

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 7

Harley L. Crownover – Wright County hold

Richard L. O’Dell – probation and parole warrant

Brandon W. Stark – assault

Kenneth Clark – kidnapping

Tabitha Cathcart – passing bad checks

Edward Bleckler – forgery, burglary

Timothy Parker – possession of controlled substance

Kyle Davis – burglary, stealing

Jason Affholter – non-support

Timothy S. Edwards – driving while suspended

Joshua D. Carman – assault

Sept. 8

Kenneth J. Hall – 20-day hold

Jennifer M. Moebieus – assault

Sept. 9

Daniel L. Cooper – theft of motor vehicle

Sept. 10

Richard E. Strom – stealing trespassing

William R. Hawkins – 30-day commitment

Tawnisha M. Desalla – failure to appear

Sept. 11

Adam J. Kuehl – non-support

Courtney E. Cotter – driving while revoked

Shane A. Neal – 24-hour commitment

Patrick L. Vaughn – 24-hour shock

Brent D. Grey – Webster County hold

Patricia J. Hayes – failure to appear

Lina V. Vaughan – driving while suspended

Sept. 12

Kristina L. Wheaton – forgery

Sept. 13

Steven R. Shriver – civil body of attachment

Christina Heckman – DWI (chronic)

Dustin G. Fisher – writ

Lashanna M. Morton – Howell County warrant

Sept. 14

Joshua P. Cranford – Arkansas warrant

Nathan W. Monteith – 48-hour commitment

Christian M. Elder – assault

Jason C. Carr – house for Wright County

Jennifer L. Holden – 48-hour commitment

Zachary C. King – Howell County warrant

Sept. 15

William D. Baker – Laclede County hold

Sept. 16

Lindsey M. Moberly – failure to appear

Nathan W. Monteith – failure to appear

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