The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department

•A deputy investigated a report of multiple burglaries Sept. 4 at a Highway E property at Houston.

A deputy and the 84-year-old man who owns the property inspected the two houses there that had been entered and determined that numerous items with a total value of $1,475 had been stolen. A photo from a game camera at the location showed a white male who is a suspect.

•Bethanie L. Bilderback, 25, of 9140 Split Limb Road at Raymondville, was issued citations for driving with a revoked license and no operable license plate light after a traffic stop on Highway B at about 8:15 p.m. Sept. 13.

•Christopher L. Dann, 38, of 1305 Parker Ave. in Cabool, was cited for driving with a suspended license after a traffic stop on Highway 137 at about 11:40 a.m. Sept. 13.

•A 54-year-old Cabool man reported on Sept. 13 that a silver bracelet and two guns with a total value of $1,500 had been stolen from his Sunset Drive residence. The man named a 44-year-old woman and 33-year-old man as suspects. He told an investigating officer the two had been living with he and his wife, but when they came home on Sept. 12 all of the suspects’ belongings and the swiped goods were gone.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 9:50 p.m. Sept. 13 regarding a report of a suspicious man at a Highway AV residence at Cabool.

A woman who lives there told the officer a gray car had dropped off a man by some nearby railroad tracks and he was wandering around the area. The officer was unable to locate the man.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3:15 a.m. regarding a report of a streaker at a Lay Road residence at Houston. The officer searched the area, but was unable to locate the person.

•Michael E. Scranlin, 41, of Highway M at Cabool, was issued a citation for peace disturbance after an incident on Sept. 13.

A deputy was dispatched at about 3 p.m. regarding a report of an intoxicated man standing in the roadway on Highway M and throwing rocks at cars. The officer made contact with a 63-year-old man who lives in the area who said he observed Scranlin screaming obscenities, throwing rocks and failing to yield to vehicles as they drove by.

The officer then made contact with Scranlin, who was reportedly too drunk to stand up by himself and cursed at two deputies on the scene and threatened to fight the man who called in the report. Scranlin was taken into custody and transported to the Cabool Police Department pending the arrival of an ambulance to assess his extremely intoxicated condition. He was taken to the Texas County Memorial Hospital emergency room, but left that night without being released.

The reporting party said Scranlin can often be seen yelling and blocking traffic in the roadway at about the same spot. The investigating officer stated that there have been many responses to calls at Scranlin’s residence, and that on the following night, he was hit by a vehicle in the same location on Highway M, suffering moderate injuries.

•A Success woman called at about 8:15 p.m. Sept. 16 to report that she had come home and found the front door open at her Highway 17 residence. The woman told an investigating deputy that nothing was missing and the officer observed that the door was locked but was undamaged.

•A 71-year-old Licking man reported on Sept. 17 that a shop building had been damaged at his Boiling Springs Road residence.

The man told an investigating deputy that the door to the building had been shot about nine times. The officer observed what appeared to be multiple bullet holes in the door. There are no suspects.

•On Sept. 18, a woman called to report that someone was trespassing on her Highway 17 property at Summersville and mowing her yard without permission. An investigating officer went to the location and made contact with the woman’s son, who stated his parents were separated but still married and his father was letting his boyfriend mow the yard.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 8 a.m. Sept. 19 regarding a report of a suspicious person on Highway M at Cabool.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a woman in a field with her hands over her head talking to herself. The officer stated the woman appeared to be hallucinating and not in touch with reality upon contact. She was transported by ambulance for observation at Ozark Medical Center in West Plains.

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 17

Sammy J. Mayberry – DWI

Sept. 18

Louise S. Kruckner – DWI, driving while revoked, resisting arrest

Michael E. Hoth – driving while revoked

Ronnie K. Bell – driving while revoked

Sept. 19

Zachariah T. Settles – tampering with motor vehicle

Dominique S. Hood – arson

Bobby D. Cross – arson

Esther M. Gann-Gribble – failure to appear (stealing)

Sept. 20

Shauna M. Klieber – Dent County hold

Harry L. Shaffer – possession of controlled substance, driving without a license

Larissa M. Easter – contempt

James Madden Jr. – non-support

Sept. 21

Sarah J. Barthe – endangering the welfare of a child

Sept. 23

Amanda Marshall – interference with custody

Sept. 24

Brandi R. Morgan – non-support

Joshua E. Purcell – manufacturing controlled substance

Amanda Stillwell – traffic violation

Joshua D. Burwell – driving while revoked

Amie J. Stokes – failed to abate nuisance

Lonnie R. Quick – endangering the welfare of a child, drug charges

Sept. 25

Robert W. Copenhaver – Phelps County hold

Tyler G. Sims – failure to appear

Kolby J. Morgan – DWI

Robert J. Corley – assault, resisting arrest

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