Students in Ruth Wallace's class use a kidney-shaped work table donated by the foundation. 

The Houston Education Foundation (HEF) has fulfilled several teacher applications over the past nine months at the Houston School District to provide educational equipment in classrooms.

The foundation works to raise funds to better the district.

Middle school teachers focusing on STEM-based curriculum (science, technology, engineering and math) were awarded about $9,500 to add the energy and environment modules that will encourage students to think big and toward the future as they design and model alternative emergency sources and evaluate options for reducing energy consumption.

Houston Elementary Elementary teacher Julie Allen received three iPads that are used in art. She has various applications — such as Quiver— that allow students to color a page and bring their creation to life through an interactive 3D image on an iPad. Another application allows students to create a piece of pottery and see what it would sell for and earn points based on the amount. The iPads allow students to upload  artwork on the school’s gallery on Artsonia.

Renae Hinkle , fourth grade teacher, acquired headphones, mousepads and skins for Chromebook keyboards. The alternative school received two Chromebooks.

Mandy Adey, keyboarding/technology, uses iPads in classrooms for STEM activities. Cameras went to the middle school yearbook staff.

Choir students are using a big screen television to critique various aspects of  performance, such as recently in Branson.   It is big enough for all students to view the performance at the same time, said director Beth Williamson.

HEF was established in 2006 to support and strengthen education experiences for local students. Since its inception, board members have led the charge of raising funds to support educational programs.

Persons who are interested in volunteering and/or contributing can contact HEF at P.O. Box 102, Houston, Mo. 65483.

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