A Success man faces several felony charges after an incident Tuesday involving a woman and two young girls.

As a result of a Texas County Sheriff’s Department investigation, Daniel S. Cook, 27, of Highway AW, is charged with two counts of parental kidnapping, third-degree domestic assault (all class E felonies) and misdemeanor third-degree kidnapping.

A deputy reported that Cook’s former wife, who is now his girlfriend, stated that he and his brother returned home from gigging and she and her two children were asleep. She reportedly said Cook was drunk and woke her up and wanted to fight and spoke of wanting to see her dead.

According to a report, the woman told the deputy she realized the situation was about to be bad, so she decided she and the kids would leave. But Cook allegedly then punched her in the chest and pushed her on top of a 2-year-old daughter.

The woman stated Cook then trapped she and the two children in the residence, refusing to let them leave. But, she said, her 6-year-old daughter escaped out the front door and ran to the brother’s adjacent home.

The woman stated she was able escape at that time and called the TCSD requesting help.

Deputies met her with her younger daughter at Evening Shade Market on Highway AW.

Cook was uncooperative after being detained, but claimed to have done nothing wrong, according to a report. During transport to the Texas County Jail, Cook slammed his head against the window of the patrol vehicle many times and spit all over it, a deputy reported.

Cook allegedly tried to unbuckle himself several times during transport, but was finally subdued in the back seat with ankle restraints and wrist restraints attached to one another.

Cook’s bond is set at $200,000.

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