County deputies responded to several calls during the last week. 

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

 •A 44-year-old Bucyrus woman reported on Nov. 9 that she had purchased property on Highway 17 from a woman in August that included a trailer and a propane tank.

The victim told an investigating officer the woman she bought it all from had moved back into the trailer, claiming she had no place to go. She also allegedly tried to sell the tank to someone and had attempted to sell the trailer for scrap.

The officer told the woman that since none of the items she was trying to sell belonged to her, if she sold anything she would be committing a crime. She said she understood.

•A deputy responded to a request for assistance by a DFS worker regarding an incident at Plato Schools on Nov. 9.

The DFS representative told the officer a 48-year-old woman had come to the school to pick up her daughter with an open can of beer in her vehicle’s cupholder. The can had reportedly been poured out by a coach before the woman was allowed to leave with her daughter.

Another report was received the same day indicating the woman had left her daughter at the Roby Dollar General store for two hours before returning to get her.

•A 69-year-old Plato woman came to the TCSD office on Nov. 1 and reported that her 42-year-old brother had been missing for more than two years.

The woman stated that he was last seen in Edgar Springs. There are no leads as to his location.

•A woman called at about 9:15 a.m. Nov. 1 to report that a man had dumped a semi-truck load of grease into a creek at a Highway 181 property at Cabool.

An investigating deputy made contact with the man, and he said he hadn’t dumped a truckload of grease, but that 500 gallons of grease had escaped from a holding and he was in the process of cleaning it up and that the mess should be gone by the end of the day.

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The EPA was contacted and was reportedly going to send someone to look at the situation.

•A 64-year-old woman reported on Nov. 2 that $800 had been swiped from her purse. She named a young boy as a suspect.

The woman called back later to report she had found the cash.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 2:30 p.m. Oct. 24 after an 83-year-old man reported a suspicious vehicle on Strawberry Road at Houston. Before the officer arrived, the man called back to say it had left.

•A 79-year-old Cabool woman called Nov. 7 to report that a 31-year-old Cabool man was trespassing on her Highway 181 property. An investigating officer was unable to locate the man.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 5

Kenneth J. Hall – traffic violations

Nov. 6

Katelyn V. Diaz – Cabool PD hold

Jordan A. Bittner – warrants in Douglas County and Webster County

Steven R. Shriver – passing bad check

Christopher J. Daugherty – drug charges

Patrick L. Vaughn – 24-hour commitment

Joshua D. Carman – domestic assault

Nov. 7

Zachariah T. Sawyer – Laclede County hold

David L. Gragg – hold for Wright County and Morgan County

Richard J. Collins – domestic assault

Cheyanne S. Mourning – forgery, stealing

Michael S. McGuire – non-support

Wyatt J. Richardson – possession

Nov. 8

Leonard L. Martin – possession of controlled substance

Michelle L. McDowell – possession of controlled substance

Dallas L. Vollner – failure to appear

Nov. 9

Kristin G. Norris – possession of controlled substance

David L. Gragg – possession of controlled substance

Hailey D. Rutz – Cabool PD hold

Nov. 10

Parish L. Gale – escape or attempted escape from custody

Kenneth J. Hall – Phelps County hold

Nov. 11

Nathan C. Huff – making false report

Patricia J. Hayes – failure to appear

Admissions at the Texas County Jail are included with this report. 

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