The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 32-year-old Summersville man reported Nov. 2 that he had been threatened by a 30-year-old Cabool man who reportedly said he would burn down his Hunter Drive residence.

•A 70-year-old Mountain Grove man reported Nov. 2 that a Cabool woman (of unreported age) who lives with him at his Hidden Valley Drive residence had gotten into a safe and stolen his medications.

Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff’s Department were called to several investigations recently.

•A 54-year-old Raymondville woman reported Nov. 2 that a suspicious vehicle was at her Medlock Drive property. While an investigating deputy was on the way there, the woman called back to say the vehicle was gone.

•A 22-year-old Cabool woman reported at about 8 p.m. Nov. 2 that a prowler was on the porch of her Colburn Road residence. An investigating deputy was unable to locate a suspect.

•A 50-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 7 that numerous guns and a large amount of ammunition with a total value of $13,925 had been stolen from his Highway 32 residence. The man told an investigating officer he had been away from the house for several months while it was being remodeled under an insurance claim.

•A Licking man called on Oct. 31 to report that a 1982 Dodge pickup had been stolen from the driveway of his Higgins Drive residence overnight.

The man later called back to indicate he remembered that he had left the truck in the Big Creek Church parking lot the night before and his wife had picked him up there.

•A 59-year-old Willow Springs man reported on Oct. 30 that a red Chevrolet pickup had traveled past his Timberline Drive residence and gone onto Freedom Road where seven shots were fired from a small caliber gun.

The man told an investigating deputy that he could see the muzzle flash from the gun pointing in the direction of a field where he has cattle. Investigation is ongoing.

•A 62-year-old man reported on Oct. 6 that someone had broken into a vacant house on his Dogwood Road property at Mountain Grove and stolen several dishes. There are no suspects.

Jail admissions

Oct. 29

Cody E. Davis – stealing

Oct. 30

Robert T. Imodi – 13-day sentence

Ronald J. Fleming – possession of controlled substance, unlawful use of firearm

Michael D. Warren – writ

John W. Coffman – writ

Paul F. Dodd – writ

Oct. 31

Shawn L. Lewis – burglary

Shelly J. Laurent – failure to appear

Billy E. Smith – non-support

Nov. 1

Michael W. Williams – stealing

Stephanie A. Smith – possession of controlled substance

Sandy Currie – driving while revoked

Erik D. Cornman – escape and resisting

Nov. 2

Julie A. Colvard – forgery

Billy J. Burke – driving while revoked

Jonnie D. Clinton – 48-hour commitment

Nov. 3

Samuel E. Bloch – DWI

Nov. 4

Raymond G. Williams – driving while revoked

Roger E. Burgess – drug charges, resisting

Nathan A. Kostos – DWI

Christine L. Croff – possession of controlled substance  

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