The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•Deputies responded on Dec. 17 to Highway Z to assist the Missouri State Highway Patrol with a vehicle failing to yield.

A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper pursued the vehicle to Oak Grove Road at Cabool, where it hit a fence post and came to a halt and the man driving it fled on foot. The man who owns the vehicle was contacted and said he had allowed the driver to use it, and that the driver was supposed to be back at his residence at about 7 p.m. so he could go to work.

The driver was later arrested at the vehicle owner’s home and taken to jail.

•A 29-year-old Elk Creek woman called Dec. 17 to report that a lock to a gate had been cut at her Angle Drive residence. She stated she was at her house, but hadn’t gone inside because she was afraid someone might be there.

Investigating officers entered the residence and found nobody inside. The woman said she had checked inside her husband’s vehicle to take inventory of firearms he kept in it, and she believed a .22-caliber rifle was missing but wasn’t sure.

Investigation continues.

•A 62-year-old Mountain Grove woman came to the sheriff’s office Nov. 19 to report that a pistol (of unreported caliber) had been swiped from her Dogwood Road residence.

The woman named a 56-year-old man as a suspect. An investigating deputy reported that the woman’s story was inconsistent. The officer contacted the man and he said the woman is “crazy” and has asked him to move out one day and move in the next day. He stated he didn’t have any of the woman’s property.

On Dec. 12, the same woman reported that the same man – now her former boyfriend – had broken into a shed at her home and that a chainsaw was missing.

An investigating officer observed that no damage was done to the shed. The woman said she hadn’t actually seen the man there.   

Jail admissions

Dec. 17

Nathaniel McMullen – writ

Travis J. Shelly – driving while revoked

Billy G. Tackett – driving while revoked

Jamie D. Wilson – stealing firearm

Dec. 18

Daniel M. Noland – Miller County hold

Jackson C. Morgan – possession of controlled substance

Breanna Davidson – assault

Frank W. Davy – possession of controlled substance

Last S. Campbell – 7-day commitment

Dec. 19

Dominique Hood – Mountain View PD hold

Brandon S. Breeden – probation and parole warrant

Brandy R. Dewolfe – tampering with motor vehicle

Thomas J. Craig – possession of controlled substance

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