Texas County deputies responded to several calls for service during the last week.  

The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A pair of deputies patrolling the Plato area on Nov. 28 observed a vehicle with expired license plates traveling on Highway 32.

As the officers conducted a traffic stop, a man in the vehicle jumped out and ran toward a wooded area behind a residence. As the suspect fell down a second time, a deputy placed him in custody.

The man told the officers he fled because he had a warrant. He also stated he had no insurance on the vehicle and there was drug paraphernalia inside.

During a search of the vehicle, the officers found and seized two smoking devices and five plastic bags containing methamphetamine. The man was taken to jail and a probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor.

•Deputies were dispatched Dec. 1 regarding a request to assist Licking police with a 12-year-old girl reportedly cutting herself at a Kimble Road residence at Licking,

Upon arrival, the deputies observed that the girl was not compliant with any commands given by officer. She reportedly had to be physically restrained and romped from the room because there was broken glass all over the place.

A Licking officer took the girl to a hospital. Deputies made further contact with her there and found she was being compliant.

•A 30-year-old Bucyrus woman reported on Nov. 21 that after a break-up with her former boyfriend, 29, he was refusing to return a truck and horse trailer that belonged to her.

A deputy made contact with the man at his Rocky Ridge Road residence at Huggins and he agreed to return the items. Before the officer left, the woman’s parents came and picked them up.

•A deputy was dispatched Nov. 23 regarding a report of a chainsaw stolen from a Highway M residence at Cabool.

A 65-year-old man there told the officer a 45-year-old man had swiped it. The deputy contacted the suspect, and he said he didn’t take the saw.

The saw’s owner told the officer to tell the suspect no charges would be sought if he brought the saw back, and the officer relayed that message to the suspect. The man called that evening to report the saw had been returned.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 12:15 p.m. Nov. 24 after a woman reported seeing a person hanging from a tree at a Highway 32 and Bailey Road at Licking. The officer was unable to locate anyone.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3:40 p.m. Nov. 29 to assist Houston police with a woman lying in the roadway. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the woman and she said she wasn’t lying in the roadway, but was sitting on the curb and her feet might have been in the road. She was advised to stay out of the roadway.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 9 a.m. Nov. 25 regarding a report of a damaged bird feeder at a Highway 38 residence at Houston.

A woman there told the officer she had been having trouble with family members and believed one had shot the feeder. The deputy was unable to identify bullet holes in the feeder, but observed that it had likely been knocked over and was broken into several pieces.

The officer also observed several deer tracks near the feeder and advised the woman of what had been found. She said the damaged might have been caused by deer due to how many come into her yard.

•A 37-year-old woman called Nov. 28 to report that her 39-year-old husband wanted to beat her vehicle with a baseball bat. An investigating officer made contact with the man and woman and the 12-hour rule was put in place.

Jail admissions

Nov. 26

Alicia R. Collins – possession of controlled substance

Jackson C. Morgan – driving while revoked

Nov. 27

Lavonta J.F. Smith – DWI

Dalton L. Hall – driving while revoked

Brandy R. Dewolfe – Licking PD hold

Joshua M. Stephens – assault

John T. Long – writ

Zachary W. Holt – parole warrant

Nov. 28

Colleen C. Schendel – DWI (drugs)

James D. Nix – burglary

Timothy S. Vestal – burglary

Terry I. Marr – non-support

Charles J. Robinson – Wright County hold

Jessica A. Bradshaw – Shannon County hold

Thomas L. Brown – Shannon County hold

Frankie L. Thomas – failure to appear

Tonya M. Thomas – failure to appear

Sterlin L. Moore – probation and parole warrant

Nov. 29

Amanda D. Smith – possession of controlled substance

Joann E. Aud – assault, resisting arrest

Nov. 30

Johnny L. Dixon – possession of controlled substance

Destiny M. Lam – stealing

Raymond G. Williams – DWI

Bridgett M. Prock – 48-hour commitment

Dec. 1

Robert A. Dobbs – Wright County warrant

Benjamin T. Hickox – assault

Brady T. W. Nuckles – assault, unlawful use of weapon

Eli J. Jones – assault

Kyle S. Keene – assault, unlawful use of weapon

Michael A. Loman – DWI

Alec B. Chrisco – non-support

Dec. 2

Kayla B. Revelle – driving while suspended

Dec. 3

Azlin L. Medler – failure to appear

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