Texas County Emergency Services operates the 911 system from offices on Main Street in Houston. It is supported by a sales tax. 

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department has transitioned call dispatching to Texas County 911. 

“If a citizen is reporting an emergency anywhere in Texas County, they are encouraged to dial 911 to report the incident,” said Sheriff Scott Lindsey. “Calling 911 directly is the quickest way to receive help.” 

The Texas County emergency Services 911 center will dispatch sheriff’s deputies, ambulances and fire departments direct by radio without the caller being transferred to another dispatch. In addition to those services, the 911 center also dispatches for the police departments in Houston, Licking and Summersville.  “Another benefit of calling 911 directly is the location information for the call will be displayed at the dispatcher’s work station,” Lindsey said.

The Cabool police and fire departments maintain their own dispatching and serve an important function as the off-site backup location for the 911 dispatch center in Houston, insuring that if an event caused the center to become inoperable, emergency services in Texas County would continue.

Citizens wishing to contact the Texas County Jail can do so by calling the main line for the sheriff’s department – 417-967-4165 – and selecting the menu option for the jail. The phone menu also has options to reach the secretary about civil process and the office in charge of concealed carry permits and ATV permits. 

The administrative options on the menu are available during normal business hours Monday thru Friday. Citizens reporting a crime or needing to speak with the sheriff or a deputy may select item 1 on the menu and be transferred to 911 dispatch.

“We are continuing to upgrade the technology at the sheriff’s office that will allow for a seamless transfer of callers to the central dispatch center,” Lindsey said. “I would encourage citizens reporting emergencies to dial 911 direct. The transfer of our dispatch to 911 fulfills the vision of Texas County voters that supported the sales tax funding for the creation of a 911 central dispatch center for emergency services.” 

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