Woodpro Cabinetry was founded in 1977. The business announced Thursday it is closing.

A Cabool manufacturing plant told workers Thursday that it was closing the doors.

Woodpro Cabinetry Inc. abruptly closed operation after 42 years in business. It manufactured custom bathroom cabinets. The 60 employees were notified of the closure a short time after arriving at work.

“Our gratitude goes out to the community for all the support you’ve shown us over the years,” Woodpro President Jordan Gettys said in a statement. “We ask area employers to please consider hiring former Woodpro team members. These are talented and hardworking individuals.”

Gettys says Woodpro will be working with its lender to liquidate company assets over the next several weeks.


Cabinetry manufactured by Woopro Cabinetry Inc. in Cabool. 

Employees will be paid for this work week, and Missouri Workforce Development is assisting those who lost their job.


According to its website, Woodpro created “high-end bathroom cabinets customized for your style, space and storage needs.”

The site continues: “Founded in 1977, Woodpro Cabinetry brings premier, custom bathroom cabinetry to customers across North America. Our commitment to craftmanship and American manufacturing ensures a quality product.



“Woodpro’s success comes from developing and trusting our people to do the right thing. When our respected and motivated Woodpro team is combined with our focus on customers, then clearly, the customer is the winner. Woodpro manufactures cabinetry in one of the industry’s fastest cycle times using Lean manufacturing concepts to assure consistent product quality. With the Woodpro Quality-On-Time (QOT) System, special orders can be produced and delivered in the same quick cycle as stock cabinetry. The system must be working since our fill rate has averaged over 99% since 1993.”

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