Members of the Texas County Commission have met several times during the month.

Here are reports with information in minutes released on Jan. 24.

Minutes were released County commission action for the week of Jan. 7:

•Reviewed and approved township contracts with Lynch, Jackson, Cass and Piney townships.

•Reviewed correspondence from Roger Mackendrick, a Licking resident who has had problems with online motor vehicle registration and the State Tax Commission not working together and he said it created problems when trying to renew. The commission sent the letter to the motor vehicle bureau and State Tax Commission.

•Heard from Sarah Buckner via telephone about Pierce Township issues.

•Learned from Sheriff Scott Lindsey that a deputy injured in an apprehension of a suspect will receive workman’s compensation. The deputy is on light duty until further notice. A discussion also was held on the sheriff’s department budget.

•Acknowledged the appointment of acting prosecutor Jason MacPherson by Circuit Judge William Hickle. James Webber will become assistant prosecutor and continue with Prosecutor Parke Stevens’ return in 2020 from military service in Afghanistan.

•Reviewed correspondence from the South Central Solid Waste Management District regarding a call for grant proposals for fiscal year 2020 that will benefit seven counties, including Texas. The district’s aim is to reduce waste and trashing entering the stream.

•Heard from Keith and Barbara Roberts regarding Upton Township meetings.

•Met with George Sholtz of Upton regarding a Community Improvement District in Houston and his lawsuit against the City of Houston.

•Adjourned Jan. 7 into a closed session to discuss legal matters.

Commission action for the week beginning Jan. 14

•Heard from Rebecca Landewe of The Nature Conservancy regarding noxious weeks and invasive species. She highlighted upcoming meetings planned in the region.

•Appointed the county clerk as its custodian of records and John Casey as presiding commissioner pro tem.

•Discussed a Community Improvement District in Houston with Prosecutor Parke Stevens Jr. and agreed to oppose the effort.

•Tentatively approved a 2019 county budget on Friday, Jan. 18.

•Heard from George Sholtz regarding a Community Improvement District and his lawsuit that was dismissed in circuit court.

•Heard from Joe Boggess of Roubidoux Township regarding problems with road conditions and Jeremy Foster, who is a candidate for Piney Township board. Members also heard from Sarah Buckner of Pierce Township. William R. Johnson will act as a board member until the election in April. Buckner reported that the township may need to rent a grader and hire an operator to complete its FEMA projects.

•Adjourned into a closed session to discuss legal issues.

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