Filings close 5 p.m. next Tuesday (Jan. 15) for several city, county, school and water boards.

Here is the rundown:

Raymondville: Aaron Scantlin completed paperwork for another three-year term. The other incumbent is Shalena Purcell. They are three-year terms.

Incumbent Jennifer Scheets has filed for re-election to the Houston board of education.  Tim Malam and  Jeffery Gettys filed for one of two, three-year terms. The other incumbent is Curtis Hubbs, who does not plan to seek re-election.

City of Houston: Willy Walker earlier filed paperwork declaring his candidacy for the post held by Mayor Don Tottingham, who has served in the capacity since April 2011, but does not plan to re-file.

Also expiring are the terms of city council members Kim Bittle, Ward III; Jeremy St. John, Ward II; and Donnie Wilson, Ward I. All are two-year terms. Bittle and St. John have filed for re-election. Wilson doesn’t plan to refile.

Allan Branstetter of Raymondville has filed for the Texas County Memorial Hospital board of trustees. It is a five-year term. Mark Hampton of Summersville is the incumbent.

There have been no filings for Texas County Health Department board. The incumbents are Linda Breedlove and Sally Smith.

At Plato Schools, incumbents are Darrell Thomas, who won’t seek re-election; and Eric Crewse, who has re-filed. Kimberly Johnson also filed, but later withdrew.

At the Success School, the terms of Liz ReVelle and Adam Suda expire. ReVelle has refiled.

Filings close 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15.

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