So here we are in the middle of winter, and we’ve enjoyed a bit of a reprieve this week with regard to the weather.

But it’s still February, and I know better than to think any lasting relief is about to happen. In turn, there are so many reasons I’m ready for the arrival of May.

•Because I don’t like the phrase, “single digits,” when it’s related to temperature.

•Because I don’t enjoy having to turn the 60-watt bulb on inside the well house on a frigid evening.

•Because I’m too wimpy to go on a river float trip when the temperature is at or below freezing.

•Because taking the dogs for walks isn’t a matter of survival.

•Because taking the dogs for walks in the evening is way more fun when the Sun is still up.

•Because car engines should never have to start when the temperature is below 15 degrees.

•Because hearing and reading the phrase “polar vortex” on national news reports has become annoying.

•Because sitting by a fire pit is way more fun when your back doesn’t freeze.

•Because opening the windows to “air out” the family room and bedrooms isn’t a very good idea during wintry weather.

•Because grilling burgers is far more fun wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

•Because eating burgers is much more fun sitting in the back yard wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

•Because freezing rain is more likely to be the name of a cocktail than a weather condition.

•Because even though the experts say fishing is still great during winter months, it’s just too cold to properly enjoy it.

•Because the water in the dog bowl is guaranteed not to become a block of ice overnight.

•Because now and then I like driving with the windows down.

•Because getting dry after a shower is much easier.

•Because even though he’s nice, it’s really not my desire to know the propane delivery guy on a first-name basis.

•Because it takes so long to get dressed when it’s cold.

•Because leaving the house takes far less preparation when it’s warm.

•Because walking barefoot doesn’t mean risking frostbite.

•Because the last two days of a “long range forecast” aren’t always depicted as an Arctic Armageddon.

•Because it should never be dark outside before you get home from a day’s work.

•Because ice is better being inside a cold drink than hanging from tree branches or coating a road.

•Because I believe snow belongs on a ski slope more than on my driveway.

•Because you don’t have to bundle up to take out the trash.

•Because drinking coffee on the porch or deck in the morning is a lot less satisfying in freezing conditions.

•Because my sleeping bag isn’t recommended for temperatures below 40.

•Because I miss the ticks. OK, scratch that one.

•Because I’m just ready to get outdoors on a regular basis!

Anyway, February and March are almost entirely still winter months, and after the past few years I no longer trust April.

But May – now there’s a month you can pretty much bet will provide some steadily warmer weather. The good news is, every day brings us closer to May.

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald.


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