After two Cabool Police Department investigations in two days, a Cabool man faces multiple felony charges.

Dalton L. Hall, 25, of 1549 Highway 181, is charged in one case with receiving stolen property (a class D felony) and defrauding secured creditors (a class E felony) and in a second case is charged with theft of a firearm (a class D felony).

According to an officer’s report, Hall’s grandfather contacted the CPD on Jan. 27 and stated Hall had sold his John Deere 2030 tractor.

An investigating officer made contact with a man who had allegedly bought the tractor from Hall. The man told the officer he didn’t know Hall didn’t own it.

On Jan. 28, Hall’s grandfather told the officer he had paid Hall $4,000 for the tractor about two years earlier. He reportedly said the implement had been used as collateral at a bank and that Hall was supposed to pay to get it released.

The grandfather told the officer that when he contacted the bank to get the tractor’s serial number, a bank representative produced paperwork showing that Hall had refinanced his loan on the unit in June 2018 and that it still had a lien against it.

During an interview with police, Hall reportedly stated that he had pawned the tractor to his grandparents in September 2016. He said a few weeks later he was short on money, so he went to the bank for a loan.

The report stated that Hall said his grandmother was to cosign for the loan, but she didn’t need to and he put the tractor up as collateral. He told officers he refinanced the loan last June and took the tractor off of it, and then sold it to raise money to pay bills.

When an officer told Hall the tractor still had a lien on it, he reportedly said it shouldn’t. An officer asked Hall if his grandparents were lying to authorities, and he reportedly said he didn’t sell them anything, but borrowed money with the understanding they could keep the tractor if he didn’t pay them back.

Also on Jan. 28, Hall’s grandfather told a CPD officer he believed Hall had stolen a Hi-Point .45 caliber pistol from his store in Cabool, and that other items were missing.

During an investigation assisted by a Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy, the gun and a Booster Pak jumper box were found inside Hall’s truck while it was parked outside his residence. He reportedly told authorities he had taken the gun, but his grandfather knew about it. He said that a few weeks earlier, he had been threatened by a man and went to the store and took a .38-caliber revolver and the .45.

Hall told officers that on the following day he gave the .38 back to his grandfather but told him he was keeping the .45 for protection.

An officer again spoke to the grandfather and he stated Hall had denied having the .45.

Hall’s bond is set at $150,000 for each case.

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