The Houston City Council met Tuesday night at Houston City Hall.

Members of the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce and City of Houston finalized their annual contract during a short council meeting Tuesday.

Bruce Scheets, chamber president; and Angie Quinlan attended. Scheets outlined the services conducted throughout the year by the chamber, including:  A monthly luncheon for networking, events to showcase Houston and bring people to the community, relocation packets to those considering moving her, business location assistance to Houston and assisting with the Houston Visitors Center, where the chamber has its offices and a multitude of tasks are completed daily. Volunteers also assist.

Scheets also praised the quarters that are available for the public’s use on North U.S. 63 at the chamber fairgrounds. A community building is available for rental.

The city contributes monthly to aid the chamber’s operation.

In other matters, members:

—Approved Mayor Don Tottingham and City Clerk Heather Sponsler as the delegates to represent the city for matters related to the organization that provides Houston’s electricity.

—Designated Tottingham to sign paperwork concerning engineering and construction of a sidewalk project. The city earlier received grant funding for work from First Street to Subway along U.S. 63 and on King Street from Chestnut to Ozark streets.

—Heard Tottingham report on a recent meeting with department heads to look over a long-term planning document that was last completed in 2015. The aim is to update it and receive feedback on goals for the city.

—Adjourned into a closed session, and the utility committee was to meet following the regular meeting, too.

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