Ozark ReSale Co. owner Mike Brannan stands next to inventory inside the store's new location on Grand Avenue in downtown Houston.

Almost two years after historic flooding wiped out the first version, a popular Houston retail store is scheduled to reopen this week.

The original location of Ozark ReSale Co. (ORC) was adjacent to Brushy Creek at U.S. 63 and Highway B, and floodwaters from the creek basically tore through the building and ruined most of its contents. This time, ORC will be located on Grand Avenue downtown in a space that has been home to many businesses over the years, most recently Rascalz Teen Club and Community Center.

Owner Mike Brannan said the store will once again carry a mix of new and gently used home improvement items. Inventory will again be obtained from numerous vendors in several states and include appliances, furniture, lighting, windows, doors, cabinets, bed and bath items and more.

“Like before, what will be in stock will constantly be changing,” Brannan said. “It will all depend on what I get from my vendors. But typically, about 50-percent of the inventory rotates out of here each week, and I will be bringing in new things to fill those spots every week.

“We’ll have a lot of new stuff every week.”

ORC will reopen Friday (March 1) and operate 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

“We plan to hit the ground running,” Brannan said, “and we plan to be bigger and better than before.”

ORC inventory

Ozark ReSale Co. offers a wide range of new and gently used home improvement items.

Brannan and his wife, Kim, also own the Lazy L Motel and Café. He said both businesses will be run by competent personnel, and that ORC will be his primary focus.

“I have excellent staff,” Brannan said. “But this will be my baby. I’ll be here Friday and Saturday and then traveling one or two days a week to pick up inventory.”

ORC will have a Facebook page showing select items in stock that will be frequently updated. For more information, call 417-217-4287.

“After the flood, we wanted to come back,” Brannan said, “but I just wasn’t able to make it happen as fast as I would have liked. I’m so glad we’re finally coming back; I feel there’s a need and a desire for this, and it really helps the community with their building projects.

“I really enjoy doing it as well. But when I said I was going to come back, I meant I was going to come back. And now we’re back.”

ORC windows

Windows of varying shapes and sizes are available at ORC.

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