A Summersville man was arrested Wednesday after Houston police said an assault occurred. 

A county man is in jail on $500,000 bond and faces a felony assault charge after allegedly choking a woman Wednesday at a Houston duplex, Houston police said.

Shawn L. Robinson, 32, of 495 Sixth St. at Summersville, is charged with first-degree domestic assault (a class B felony).

According to an officer’s report, two officers responded about 7 p.m. regarding a physical altercation between a man and woman at an Acorn Lane residence. Upon arrival, the officers found the front door open and heard yelling coming from the garage.

Contact was made with a woman in the kitchen who was gasping for air, crying and holding her throat, according to a report. The officers then saw Robinson standing in the door of the garage talking with another man. Two other women were also present.

After speaking with those at the scene, the officers took Robinson into custody and transported him to the Texas County Jail. During questioning there, Robinson said he had been “huffing” on a can of air duster in the garage before the incident.

He went on to admit grabbing the woman by the throat, pushing her into the door to the laundry room and holding her there until one of the other women on scene intervened by striking him in the head with a glass canister.

The woman who hit Robinson told officers she believed he would have killed the victim if she hadn’t made the move. The victim said Robinson had become angry after she told him to stop yelling at his wife over the phone.

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